I have been on Viibryd for 6 weeks and am on the 40 mg dose. Although I've had some unusal and sometimes unpleasant side effects, I have decided to stick with it. I started out taking it in the mornings and I didnt feel well and by evening was miserable. My pharmacist suggested taking it at bedtime and it seems to be working. I was worried about how to miss that initial dose to go from taking it in the morning to at night but it happened by accident when I forgot a dose one morning. I have noticed that if I do not take it at the same time every night (or close to the time) I get electric shock sensations in my head/brain. Only a few times has this happened and only when I went to bed really late making the dose 1-3 hrs later. I havent had any bad dreams or weird effects from this, but I have noticed that in the morning my face and eyes are swollen. I can admit that I wake up more refreshed and ready to face the day for the 1st time in years. I was on Cymbalta for 4 years and did well on it till the last year when I fell back into a deep depression with regular panic attacks the last few months of use. For me Cymbalta had minimal side effects aside from the weight gain, overall tiredness and then how I ended up on it. Since my Dr switched me to Viibryd I am starting to feel human again. I do have to mention that making the switch from Cymbalta to Viibryd was an awful experience. Not sure if it was done correctly. I was on 60 mg of Cymbalta and my Dr had me stop the Cymbalta one day and start the Viibryd the next day. The first 2-3 weeks were horrible. It was so bad that if the Viibryd doesnt work I will never go back on Cymbalta again due to the horrible withdrawal from it.