I have been taking Viibryd for six month and I have experienced weight gaine despite Viibryd claims that it does not cause weight gain. I am currently being monitored monthly by my doctor. I go for monthly weight and blood pressure check ups. My doctor can verify that since starting Viibryd I have gained 20 pounds. I am currently prepping for an upcoming surgery. I have cut many foods and drinks out of my diet. I currently drink only water and green tea. I excerise daily. There is no reason for this weight gain. Viibryd is the only medication that I am currently taking and as I mentioned, it can be proven that my weight has increased significantly since starting Viibryd. I am 40 years old and my weight had been stable prior to starting Viibryd. I have also been experiencing very vivid dreams and nightmares since starting Viibryd. As a result, I am constantly fatigued and feel unrested. And, unfortunately, I am one of the rare few who have experience sexual side effects on this drug. I am also noticing an increase in restless leg syndrome since starting Viibryd. On the positive side, Viibryd is working for me. My doctor prescribed Viibryd to treat my depression, anxiety, and anger. My doctor and I are continuing to monitor these side effects and I will definitely change medications if these side effects continue or worsten. Does anyone have any comments to share?