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Is Viibryd effective on anxiety disorders?

6 Answers

dajack 13 April 2019

I've taken Zoloft for about 25 years for anxiety... it worked very well. However, my doc decided that I was depressed because I haven't felt well for a few weeks, so he took me off the Zoloft and put me on Viibryd. I didn't expect to feel well for a few weeks... I had to come off the Zoloft, then get used to the Viibryd. But... the longer I take it the worse I feel. The horrible nightmares continue... I have a "clicking" sensation in my head, which happens often. I am grumpy one minute... crying the next. I feel like a rubber band that has been stretched and is fixing to snap. I wake up in the mornings, but I can't "wake up!" I lay there and feel like I have been hypnotized. I threw my bottle of Viibryd in the trash this morning... enough is enough!! Viibryd might work for some people, but not me!!

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Retiredelfin 7 Jan 2013

Hello. I have been taking Viibryd 40 mg. for a little over a year now with a few months on 20 mgs. because I was running low and out of the country. When I dropped to 20 mg. I noticed a definite difference in my depression. I have not been diagnosed with anxiety but I do have it, along with the depression. My anxiety was so bad that I did not answer my door or my phone, even if I knew who it was. I only had a few gastro issues in getting used to the Viibryd, working up to the 40 mg. per day. The only other side effects from the Viibryd are what are termed "brain zaps" and "nightmares" when trying to fall asleep. The benefits from the Viibryd outweigh the few times I suffer from the falling asleep issues. Unfortunately since I have been on 10 mg per day of Prednisone it seems to counteract the Viibryd. This is a different issue that I will talk to my psychiatric nurse about.


I know how hard it is to go through the period of getting used to taking to meds and I really hate it myself, but this drug, for some reason on my "sensitive" system was the easiest... but then we are all made up differently.

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yintee813 7 Jan 2013

I have to say within the first day on 10mg I too felt the brain zaps. By the 2nd day I didn't but it could have been due to my preoccupation with the nausea and diarrhea. My anxiety used to keep me from leaving the house but now it has focused on driving, which is interesting since you have to drive everywhere in charlotte, nc. Sometimes its not as bad depending on the road... some are less frightening for me. I'm starting to get down, which i never did before, because the meds that might help are frightening me as much as the panic attacks. I dont know...

Bdub57 27 June 2015

I just started V a couple days ago @ 10mg. I'm a 57-yo male, ~195 pounds, otherwise healthy, suffering from chronic anxiety since childhood, recovering alcoholic. Maybe it's a case of metabolism but I had the runs on day 1 but nothing since; not aware of headache or difficulty sleeping. I am perioidcally combining with 1/2 mg Loraz when needed, but that's done soon since doc just gave me < dozen pills. Had been on Zoloft a cpl years ago following my first and (hopefully) only bout of truly suicidal ideation.

Am grateful for everyone who's taken the time to pose here. Very useful to a neo V-byrd like me. Good luck to everyone today... Here's to living life one day at a time!

PeaceNQuiet1 20 Sep 2016

I'm so nervous about taking this new med Viibryd.. Suppose to pick up from pharmacy in an hour to start tomorrow morning. I have been on Fluoxitine (Prozac) for a 1 1/2 years now, but it has put so much weight on me, which has caused other issues. I read up on viibryd and that freaked me out. I just dont want to take anything that has the side affects thats gonna make me look, feels crazy, or hurt myself,plus family put all kind of negative thoughts in my mind about taking meds for this anxiety and depression. I have been battling anxiety and really bad panic attacks since being a child without any meds. I need information on the ups and downs of viibryd of who been taking it. Help please!

fearlessinfuquay 28 May 2017

I am a 53 year old petite female and I sustained a TBI in May of 2014. Depression and anxiety are one of many common denominators of TBI's. Went thru a slew of meds to address this issue, but could not 'gut thru' the side effects for more than 2 weeks. I am allergic to most pharmaceutical meds. Began 10mg of Viibyrd 4 days ago. OMGOODNESS. What a nightmare! Excruciating and gripping abdominal pains, the kind that take your breath away - and I have a very high tolerance for pain. Have had to cancel everything, and clear my calendar for the next however long, because I'm living in the bathroom. I was so distressed to think I had to put another one of these pills in my mouth, it drove me to do an experiment (I already knew from my prescribing Dr that there was not any contraindications between these 2 meds). Right after eating (taking Viibyrd with food is CRUCIAL!), I took 2mg of Valium (hoping to calm and relax the abdominal area).


Then 15 minutes later I took the 10mg of the Viibyrd. No gripping pains. No dashing to the bathroom. Still crampy and bloated. Still in the bathroom a lot. But not gripping pains, nor making a mad dash to the bathroom. I call that progress. Now I need to 'prove' my results with repeated attempts, hoping to achieve the same and even better results. After reading all of these posts, I get the strong sense that if one can gut thru these initial, awful side effects - it really does work for depression. On a side, helpful note... Witch hazel is very soothing for the 'inflamed exit' of our bottoms. A most perfect delivery is in a squeeze bottle with a nozzle. Just gently bathe the area, then gently pat dry. Any similar results?

barney24 6 Jan 2013

I am taking Viibryd , 20 mg as of 2 days ago. It seems to help, but im having a few issues with it as we speak. Once you get over any side effect in the first week, then you will know. I took it slow... 1 month to hit 20mg. Work with your doc if you have any concerns... let me know how it goes.

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yintee813 7 Jan 2013

My doc gave me the pack that does 10mg week 1, 20mg week 2 and 40mg the remaining 2 weeks of the month. Firstly, I'm not liking the Viibryd. I took it for 2 days and the nausea and diarrhea were almost worse than the panic attacks. I am also not really liking that it climbs so quickly... one month to 40 mg! I did not take my dosage last night because today is a big day for me and diarrhea and nausea might not look good to my new boss. I will speak to my doc today and see if this will be a good fit for me. I know I only gave it 2 days but the side effects have been a major concern these last 2 days. What issues are you having with it... it may help me give my doc a better idea of my dosage. Thanks for your help!!!

barney24 7 Jan 2013

When i first started i had a bloated stomach and a nausea feeling for about the first week. Also soft stools which i pretty much still have ( i also had my gall bladder out ) which is a little better..not much. The bloating and nausea just went away after a week. I got kinda "dizzy" the first week and the other symptoms above so my doc let me stay at 5mg for a few weeks, and then went to 10 for a few more weeks, now im on 20 for the 3rd day. I feel pretty good today. If i feel funny , like the tightness in the chest anxiety i will take .25- .50 mg xanax. I think you should try to get thru at least a week or 2 but take it slow... talk to him ... tell him you need to slow it down. I did!

yintee813 8 Jan 2013

Thanks! I appreciate your help. I had the nausea and it was horrible. The loose stool just stopped yesterday but I can't lie, I have not taken any meds since Saturday. The headache just subsided as of yesterday as well. I have an appt to see my doc this Friday. I also scheduled an appt for a therapist so I'm hoping that helps too! You are right I need to find something, someway that helps with the panic attacks and phobias. I'll post back once I know which direction we are going in with the meds. Thank you so much!

pickles503 6 Jan 2013

Hi vintee. You know I haven't taken this med before, so I researched it to find out if viibryd is used for anxiety. It seems it's recommended a lot for depression. Sometimes health care providers recommend "off label" viibryd to use for anxiety, as pledge said. I hope you find the answer to your question. We're so lucky to have friends who are so dedicated by researching our medications and illnesses to give us informed decisions on how their going to answer our questions. Enjoy your day, Anna

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yintee813 7 Jan 2013

I am grateful to them as well. Thank you for your response. Hopefully, I can find something to help with my panic attacks. I have had them for a long time and I would like them to disappear just as quickly as they appeared. Well, if only words weren't just wishes... Thanks again

Blueangel41877 9 April 2017

I have been prescribed viibryd to assist with my anxiety. I also have some depression going on. I really don't talk to my Dr about. Don't really feel comfortable. But, nonetheless the nausea is horrible. I have been begging for 4 days for something for nausea. The Dr finally called in 6 tablets of zofran which I can't afford. But I Kno it's terrible. But I need help with this crying I'm doing daily. So, I'm holding out hope. I just took the dreadful pill. So anyways at least it's not a mental thing. I always feel like I'm the only one.

4N Substances 5 Jan 2013

Hi Yintee,
Viibryd was prescribed for me for depression. After the side effects resolved it has been fantastic for me. I also take a very small dose of Clonazepam for anxiety/sleep.

I see there are many inquiries lately with your same question. Many docs must be prescribing it for anxiety/panic.

I see Pledge has already answered and she is the GURU of these questions.

Hope this is helpful. Please let me know if I can help further.
Best Regards,
4N Substances

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yintee813 7 Jan 2013

What mg do you take and how long did the side effects take to subside? I took it for 2 days, I did not take it today because I had to go to work... but the diarrhea, headache and extreme nausea was freaking me out royally. Needless to say... the panic attacks I'm having today as a result aren't making my day any lovelier. SIGH.

4N Substances 7 Jan 2013

Dear Yintee,

My MD did the graduated dosage of 10 20 40. I am so happy I hung in there past the side effects. Viibryd has been an amazing life change for me.

My stomache upset was resolved by ALWAYS eating something pretty substantial with the med. it subsuded after a couple weeks. I always take Viibryd in the AM. If I take it in the PM I have really scary sleep paralysis.

I still get an occasional headache but only if I take it late. It's critical for me NEVER to forget a dose or the side effects return with avengence. I worried for you stopping it suddenly. PLEASE talk to your MD.

I'm in Mexico in vacation so my communication will be spotty for a week. Please keep me posted. I care.

Best regards,
Your friend
4N Substances

yintee813 8 Jan 2013

I have an appt to see my MD this Friday and I finally made an appt for a therapist also. I worried me stopping so suddenly... the panic about sent me back to bed for eternity. Driving is my main source of panic and it has stopped me from doing alot of things so maybe my doc can find another med that will have gentler side effects and still maintain effectiveness on my panic attacks. I finally broke down and took my Xanax and it helped majorly. I love Xanax, I'd take it everyday if my doctor didnt have me paranoid about the possibility of addiction.

Inactive 4 Jan 2013

Hello yintee813. It is prescribed off label for anxiety. How effective might be will depend on the indivdual taking the drug and the diagnosis. Such as in general anxiety disorder, or panic/high stress anxiety. Regards pledge

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yintee813 7 Jan 2013

The side effects have been horrible and I've only been on it for 2 days so needless to say I did the big no-no and didn't take it today since I have to work. I know it takes a while before any drug works but when the side effect freaks you out as much as the problem... it gave me pause. I thank you for your answer. Do you have any suggestions for any other meds for someone who has anxiety/panic attacks. I always keep a bottle of Xanax handy. Driving is the main time I have an attack. I won't go near a hiway or any road that resembles one. :-(. Thanks again.

geloman1 20 Aug 2017

Hi are you still taking Viibryd for anxiety? If so has it helped you? Thanks! free discount card

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