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Can Trazodone cause me to have nightmares or very odd dreams?

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Another2 29 Jun 2013

Yes that can happend to some people.

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kellytraz 1 Sep 2017

I have spent the last three months weaning from trazodone. While I was still using it, I had terrible nightmares almost every single night. As the level of trazodone in my system slowly became less, the nightmares became more and more infrequent. Now, I rarely have bad dreams. So for me, nightmares were definitely a side effect. And I'm just feeling better in general. Can't tell you how glad I am to be off the stuff!

Kellygyrl 1 Feb 2018

Thank you Kelly.
Last night was my first time taking it. 50mg.
My nightmares where psychological things I am going through. They were heavy
I woke up next day anxious and irritable.
Headache and my stomach is torn up.
I probably shouldn't take this.
It helps seeing another Kelly going through some things.

kellytraz 1 Feb 2018

Trazodone had been prescribed to me as a sleep aid. I was on it for a long, long time. It never did help me sleep but caused a lot of problems instead, including pretty serious digestive issues. And I did have a lot of nightmares. With the help of my doctor, I was able to eventually wean off of the trazodone and have been completely off since the end of August, so 5 months now. I also wound up seeking help from a nutritionist. With the help of both my doctor and the nutritionist, I've found more natural and healthy ways to be able to sleep at night (no more nightmares!) and my digestive health has also improved greatly, although that process has been very slow.


Although trazodone is helpful to some people either as an antidepressant and/or sleep aid, I learned that it certainly isn't for everyone. I'm a prime example. My overall health, since weaning from the trazodone, has improved with things like probiotics, a healthier diet, exercise, etc. Other supplements such as chamomile and another supplement sleep aid called "Insominitol" have been very beneficial.

I hope for anyone reading this, my experience and information will be helpful.

Kellygyrl 2 Feb 2018

Oh my. Yes. My stomach. Ok. No. I stayed on it a week now. My stomach has been torn up.

Kellyxoxo 15 Feb 2018

Well, I'll make this odd by introducing myself, my name is Kelly and I have nightmares when I take trazodone as well. Vivid and bothersome.

kellytraz 15 Feb 2018

Hello to the two Kellys with recent posts! About both the nightmares and digestive issues associated with trazodone: Once I was completely weaned from the trazodone, the nightmares finally stopped. So thank goodness for that. But the digestive issues have continued. I am under the care and supervision of both my doctor and a nutritionist. The serious digestive issues and problems can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to heal! I had no idea! I believe trazodone is an older medication that first came on the market in the early 1980s. That's over 35 years ago! I fault the doctor (she's no longer at the practice where I go) who prescribed it for me for not providing me with more critical information about the drug and I fault her for not prescribing a newer medication with fewer side effects. The encouraging news is that, although it has been very, very slow, my digestive system is improving and healing.


With the help of my nutritionist, I'm using supplements (much safer than some prescriptions!) and trying to live a generally healthier lifestyle (exercise, better food choices, etc.) that are allowing me to sleep much better at night and allowing me to have far less depression and anxiety. It's been a long haul for sure, but well worth all the work I've put into it. For anyone interested, I would be happy to list some of the supplements that I've found to be helpful. Just let me know if you'd like to know what they are.

Jacquelyn1234 17 Feb 2018

I’ve been taking trazodone for about a week and a half and though I’ve typically had vivid dreams for the past two nights I’ve been completely living through childhood abuse of things as they happened. I also came down with the flu two days ago but I freaking out. I think I’m going to discontinue the trazodone immediately.

kellytraz 17 Feb 2018

As for discontinuing use of the trazodone, I would caution you not to do it "cold turkey", as withdrawal symptoms can be very severe if you do it that way. When I decided to discontinue use of the trazodone, my doctor helped me come up with a "weaning schedule", so that I could get off the trazodone in a safe manner.

Bianca Calhoun 16 Nov 2018

So you can go throw withdraw when you getting off this

Inactive 29 Jun 2013

Hello missmarymarie13. Yes. However, if the nightmares and dreams persist and you feel uncomfortable consult your doctor, who might offer another medication to replace the Trazodone with. Regards pledge

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Inactive 30 Jun 2013

yes I find any med I have used except for Xanax and possibly buspirone/Buspar... trazodone nefazodone..not so much..venlafaxine/Effexor even in low doses of Effexor any meds that affect the reuptake of serontonin can cause nightmares a friend of mine on this site is taking guanfacine/Tenex for this..not sure if they happened before taking meds or after..she is also on Buspar so maybe this can cause bad dreams..So I think maybe the Xanax and nefazodone did not cause bad dreams

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missmarymarie13 17 Jul 2013

Thank you... This gives me a lot to think about :)

Inactive 15 Jul 2013

That is one of the reasons I stopped it. Very bad ones!

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jcobraxo 3 Apr 2015

I Been taking trazadone 50 mg every night for 3 months and I have nightmares every night but , I don't let them get to me

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cmr-116 5 Sep 2020

You wrote this in 2013. I have been on trazodone since about 1980. It was a brand new drug brought from California by my doctor because no other medications could help me. Fortunately, he prescribed another medication which is no longer being made that was called Flurazepam or commonly known as Dalmane. The two together stopped my nightmares and hallucinations, but now it's 2020 and Dalmane is no longer being made since 2019. I am having all kinds of problems of side affects and I'm trying to get off the trazodone, I'm at 200 mg. right now, but do not know if it's safe for me to withdraw it by myself. I am not getting any help from my doctor because he isn't familiar with my side-affects and just says that 'I have to live with it'. I want to tell him - 'YOU live with it!" If any of you have any experience with withdrawing trazodone, please let me know. I have not been able to find another doctor who - due to Covid, will take on another patient.

Prairiegal 23 Apr 2015

I just woke up from a light sleep. This drug gives me awful, vivid dreams. Very odd ones, often having to do with my mental health. I'll probably have to stop for that reason.

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mariai25 6 Aug 2015

They give me vivid weird dreams.. Not necessarily bad but stuff out of a movie.. To be frank, it's almost entertaining.. It's like I'm watching a flick every night... The Only problem is... Sometimes I don't remember if I actually did or didn't do something or if I just dreamth it...

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Amaw112 13 Aug 2015

I was put on 50mg Trazodone to help with insomnia caused by my antidepressants. Last night was the first time I had taken one and i had an awful, vivid dream that i can remember quite clearly. I am scared that this will continue to happen. The dream wasnt so much scary as disturbing and even thinking about it throughout the day, it bugs me in a weird way.

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Jharris89 5 Sep 2015

I have taken trazodone many times to help me sleep at night. After taking a break for about a week, I took my normal dosage of 50 mg last night. For the first time ever I experienced multiple horribly vivid nightmares. I can remember most details from a few different nightmares and they truly frightened me. I am going to give trazodone another try tonight but if the nightmares continue I am going to ask my doctor for an alternative medication.

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desertman888 22 Sep 2015

Trazodone gives me multiple or very long extremely vivid dreams. Not nightmares, but very detailed and pleasant to neutral.

Actually, I enjoy it.

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Lynn84 28 May 2017

I also take trazodone of 100 MG every night. Started it 4 months ago. It gives me weird odd but not bad dreams every night.

Winterkalte 4 Dec 2015

I have experimented with it a few weeks, on then off, on then off as Rx for sleep to deal with array of other meds, rather than, use something like Ambien which causes dependency. Direct correlation. Horrific nightmares far worse than any Clive Barker book I have ever read, which, are worse than any silly horror movie. Things that are profoundly psychologically terrifying, cannot describe. I remember them. Involved my wife and children being tortured and unable to do anything. The other thing is that these are waking dreams that occur periodically over the night, perpetual intense REM and can't hit long wave. Every time hallucination coming out of sleep paralysis of intruders. Wake up screaming. Awake for 15 to 30 minutes, go back to sleep, they start up at full intensity again. I am an artist - I feel like this just hoped up my natural ability to rapidly conceptualize with hooks into base regions of brain, the nasty fight or flight patterns.

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Astone409 16 Feb 2018

I have an 11 yr old daughter who has a terminal illness. She has so many issues sleeping. She has been on this medicine now for a couple of months. She has been telling us she can hear people talking at night and when she wakes up she can't move. Would this be the sleep paralysis you are talking about. She's been crying at bedtime. She actually afraid to go to sleep. She doesn't watch horror movies so it's nothing that would be scaring her. It all comes back to this medicine.

Paul_K 1 Mar 2018

RE: Astone409
“She has been telling us she can hear people talking at night and when she wakes up she can't move. Would this be the sleep paralysis you are talking about. She's been crying at bedtime. She actually afraid to go to sleep.”

Yes, it sounds like sleep paralysis that is causing lucid dreams(nightmares). These dreams can be vivid dreams where you’re mind imagines you elsewhere, but it can also be as simple as a nightmare about going to sleep and not being able to move. I don’t have a simple answer, but one thing that has helped me is focusing on it being a dream and telling wake up and move over and over until I do. It doesn’t always happen for me on trazodone but certainly notice a correlation.

PepperM 4 Dec 2015

I have the dreams also but I love them. I actually dream in color which is awesome. Now when I take vistaril it gives me horrifying nightmares but sometimes I still have to take it. I think we all have dreams or nightmares on Trazodone. Pepper

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namaste710 30 Jan 2016

The nightmare I had was vivid and full of anxiety after taking one pill. However, I will NOT allow a nightmare to keep me from having insomnia, I have not slept well in months, I will look at it as a Fright Movie, and continue to take my pill. Before going to bed I will fill my brain with affirmations
of peace, love, and tranquility!

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Ang911 8 Feb 2016

I have been on trazadone for a few mths and have increased to 150mg at night and my night mares dreams and thoughts have increased in suicidal thoughts anxiety and paranoid episodes not sure what to do it is also causing very bad flu episodes please let me know any thoughts or similarities

Marinite 29 Jul 2016

So glad to hear these comments. I have taken Trazodone for over a year, at 100 mg., without issue. Last night I took the dose too early and I wasn't getting the effect I was looking for, so at 1:30 am, I took another. I had dreams all night - some that I would call nightmares, some hallucinogenic. I was also experiencing, visual and auditory hallucinations when I opened my eyes. Most bizarre was one where it seemed that I had a laptop on my thighs, and that I could "Facetime" with friends and family. They would ask me a question, and would actually wait for my response. Two other things: 1) they were very long and involved dreams, and 2) I can still remember every one!!

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LUCERO1933 17 Aug 2016

Yes ! I don't generally have nightmares. Rather, I have dreams that have small snippets of distressing moments but are overall pleasantly and exhilaratingly strange... often including intimate moments with people I would have NEVER thought of about in that way in real life. I remember a lot of the dreams I have. And for a lot of them... I wish they could be real.

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Snowflake2008 23 Feb 2017

I'm glad I came across ur post bc just this morning as my husband woke me I was having a nightmare about being involved with someone else... I told my husband right away, just glad to see I'm not alone in these crazy nightmares free discount card

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