I just recently got the Nexplanon implant put in nearly one month ago. The only things I have noticed so far are some slight breast tenderness, mild cramping (though it could just be my period on its way), and since it's been inserted I've been having strange dreams nearly every night. I'm not too sure if it's the change in hormones causing it. I was on birth control pills (Norlyda) for about 4 months before getting the implant. The pills caused frequent and irregular bleeding, I had my "period" about 3 times if not more every month. So I decided to switch to the implant with hopes that it would eventually, as my body got used to it, regulate my menstrual cycle. The area of insertion is healing well, still slightly yellow around. I haven't heard about odd dreams being a symptom of the Nexplanon implant, and I've tried googling it, but I couldn't find anything that helped. Are the hormones from the implant causing the dreams? I haven't had this happen before on the pills.