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Is there anything I can do or take to help with tramadol withdrawal?

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heymj 22 Oct 2021

Are you tapering? That will help for sure. Come off the drug slowly and it will ease your withdrawal symptoms.

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jonshaw 24 Aug 2021

Lyrica helps me tremendously. Not only with nerve pain but I’ve used it to help specifically with Tramadol withdrawals in the past. It’s helped me greatly. It is a prescription though. Think Gabapentin but stronger.

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Bloodiehel 24 Aug 2021

Ok thank you x

adoptmeow 24 Aug 2021

I would take B-complex twice a day for nerve support and healing. Neurotransmitters are made from B vitamins. Biotin is the most expensive of the eight essentials, so look for a product with at least 200% biotin.

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Bloodiehel 24 Aug 2021

Ok thank you free discount card

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