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Do the tramadol HCL 50mg cause you to loss weight?

12 Answers

chaddmckay 13 Sep 2020

I lost weight, yes, but it helped me quit drinking and doing hard drugs AND quit smoking literally overnight (I used to drink, do drugs and smoke everyday) So it is a miracle. I am always calm and collected because of it. And I see the world differently. I am much happier. I just want to get the weight back and everything will be perfect.

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Cher1184 16 July 2020

Hi, I’ve been taking tramadol 50 mg for excruciating hip pain, waiting for A hip replacement. My doctor has advised me to take 2 capsules 4 x a day! That’s 400mg a day! Yes it relieves My pain but not to the extent I’m Pain free.
However, I’ve lost over a stone in weight since taking them. Yes I’m pleased with this side affect but they do make me feel very sick at times too.
Hoping to get a date soon for my operation so I can come off them!!!

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Michaela07 23 March 2020

I was wondering the same thing does anyone know if it does I have lost 9 pounds in two weeks could it be from this I take 100mg day

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Bortte 17 April 2020

Hi dear. It’s Bortte. I’ve been taking tramadol 50mg Hcl for little over of 2 weeks. I had knee surgery and it’s painful. I only take tramadol 2 times a day. The key is timing. I always take Same time which is in the morning Empty stomach around 10am and evening around 4pm. I’ve lost about 8 pounds which is shocking to me because the main reason for me to take this med is for pain not for weight loss and my doctor didn’t mention about losing weight but any dropped pounds is appreciated. Pls take this med with good amount of water and don’t abuse. You do not need to increase the dose. It’s all about timing. I hope that helps my dear.

Morningstar76 6 June 2023

Yes I'm on Tramadol also a d I lost 13lbs in 2 months. My weight is at a plateau right now but still losing inches. I went down 2 dress sizes. It takes your appetite away definitely, and when you do eat you get full fast.

Nobiku 6 Feb 2019

I lost 135 pounds while on Tramadol. It is a great drug for someone with that amount of weight to lose. It set my mind right and allowed me to remain focused. Tramadol made it easier for me than if I tried to diet without any drugs. Before Tramadol I had an injury and I was prescribed Percocet. I noticed that while on Percocet I could easily control cravings and just had a sense of euphoria. But I could never get more than about a dozen Percocet prescribed. By chance I was prescribed Tramadol for a shoulder injury and I got a similar feeling of euphoria that permitted appetite control. Back in those days Tramadol was given out like candy, so I took one every three days and knocked off 135 pounds in about 18 months.

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Floid 7 Sep 2017

I have taken Tramadol for ten years for arthritis and initially it did cause weight loss. After the first year it began to cause weight gain. Like any strong drug there are down sides but used for pain they can be very helpful.

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nappyboss 7 Sep 2017

It's sad some people have to play on people's fears and one person says below they were put off taking Tramadol by non medical commments but now find they are very helpful. If you don't benefit from Tramadol, that's unfortunate, but from my reading of the research that's not particularly surprising. But I've also seen that some people see it as a 'miracle drug'. I'm one of those. I've taken various stuff over several years for neuropathic pain but Tramadol has helped by far the most and has changed my view of things. I'm one of many grateful people.

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frozen shoulder 31 Aug 2017

I have been in severe pain for over 2 years with a frozen shoulder and other conditions which resulted in very low mood/depression. I am normally a very positive and happy person but the pain day-in-day-out over such a long period of time simply destroyed my life. I started taking 1x50mg Tramadol tablet a day and my life changed. The pain reduced significantly and my depression disappeared. I had more energy and started to LIVE again. Unfortunately I was already slim and lost more weight so I have had to stop taking Tramadol so I can try and put some weight on!

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cassi22 3 June 2016

I still think my doctor is crazy. I have lost 65lbs. In about a year for no explained reason. I eat horribly. I work nights and watch my 3 toddlers during the day so my go to food is a soda and candy! And yet I was losing about 10 lbs every 3 months... It was insane. My doctor kept giving me the thumbs up all the while my family thinks I'm dying. My doc said it's because of tramodol which I can't believe is the cause but it seems to be true.

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Mdlfcrss 19 May 2015

I have taken Tramadol and noticed significant weight loss. 20 lbs. to be exact and am absolutely thrilled. After I suffered a leg fracture 6 years ago, I became very inactive and put on a lot of weight. I was very embarrassed of my appearance and hid behind a black fleece vest for years. I am small frame, but thin legged, so I camouflaged it well. Until summer came and it was too warm to wear such a thing. After an awful shoulder injury 1 year ago, I began taking Tramadol. Within one month I was down 6 lbs and was so happy. It also gave me a boost of energy so I began power walking daily. After my shoulder surgery, I was unable to drive for 4 months and was forced to walk everywhere. Fast forward... 20 lbs. down in only 3 1/2 months and I couldn't be happier. I also have kept off the weight since then and feel great. Everyone is different. I neither recommend nor discourage use of Tramadol to anyone. Just sharing my personal experience.

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Makpaz 6 Jan 2016

Unbelievable! I thought I was the only one!

Almost identical story. Lost 21lbs in 5 months. Started power walks. Have better mood and outlook.

Talked to a psychiatrist who is so numb, narrow minded and brain washed. I asked for monthly Tramadol refill based on my extraordinary outcome. He says my response to Tramadol is psychosomatic.

I'm thankful for all the blessings of 50mg Tramadol daily with zero need to increase dose.

Some people process Tramadol better than others. I think South Europeans and Middle Easterns benefit most from it, while Anglos and Asians much less.

I had a family tragedy two years ago and only after starting Tramadol (for abdominal pain originally) 8 months ago I saw the light.


The hell with the anti Tramadol doctors (will never prescribe it for depression, just pain). Life is short. My body knows better. 21lbs less and in shape (power hiking and swimming), I'm thanking god for Tramadol. I feel 15 years younger and I'm full of energy. Oh, it's all in my head? Whatever. I'm a new person and I wanted to share my story.

Pambruce90 2 July 2016

Hi there I'm just starting to take tramadol for fybro and really concerned that I put on weight as I've already put on after a hysterectomy does anyone else think this is possible

Morningstar76 6 June 2023

I feel the same way I got down to a size 10 then 3 months later I'm a size 6! I eat 2-3 times a day very small portions, this drug definitely takes your appetite away.

Delila 13 Aug 2013

Hi, i did loose a lot of weight when taking Tramadol, but not in a good way. It became an obsession and led to an eating disorder. Tramadol also affected my mood, i wasn't a very nice/happy person during my Tramadol phase. Please take heed in what MacIntosh has written. Tramadol are highly addictive, and much more 'dangerous' than people know.

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gramps-1 24 Oct 2015

I have happily lost 26# in 3 mo's by taking only half a tablet in morning and just started taking quarter tablet before dinner which has helped with the dreaded evening snacking! Any more than that will leave me cranky and snippy with others plus anymore than that leaves me woozy like I had a few too many alcohol shots! This is the first time in my life that I haven't craved snacks in the evening which has been my biggest weight problem! Plus the energy i have now is the best part, from the time i take this med until late evening i'm up and moving! I'm getting things done now that I've been putting off for ever and In a much happier mood and excited to accomplish these tasks! Also doesn't cause sleeplessness as long as taken before 6pm and in these doses and i sleep good all night! Some of us are lucky yet others I've talked to get little to no benefit with their pain or weight loss! Cant say enough great things about this miracle drug!

Makpaz 7 Dec 2016

True true true! Some respond done don't.

For those who do, like my rabbit, there's weight loss, elevated mood, more optimism. In short, great stuff

MacIntosh12 13 Aug 2013

Hi ms sexy,
I know several people (with fibromyalgia) that haven't gained nor lost weight while taking Tramadol. It may affect your appetite but please don't take this synthetic opioid analgesic for that reason, it is addictive and can cause problems if abused (not accusing you, not judging either, promise!) and abrupt cessation can cause seizures. Do be careful with Tramadol, it's not as innocuous as people think.
Best wishes to you,

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Makpaz 2 July 2016

A lot of the Tramadol warnings are regurgitated bolony. 50mg once daily will never give you seizures.

You may lose weight, feel bette- become more active, lose the bellt... Just keep the low dose (50mg).

CatAnn 23 April 2017

Why do people do this? Because of your comment, I didn't take this med even though I had unbearable hip pain. After 2 months, I tried Tramacet 37.5 mg and within half an hour, I am pain free! My appetite vanished too as I was hungry when I took the pill and losing weight before my hip replacement in 2 months, would be a benefit. Unlike T3's or Emtec, I can work and function too. So happy I tried this med regardless of the posts scaring the hell out of me.

CatAnn 23 April 2017

Makpaz, I take 37.5 mg up to 4 times a day. Do you think with 37.5 every few hours may have the same effect as the 50 mg pill? I can stand to lose 15 or 20 lbs before my hip replacement surgery in 2 months. Thank you!

CatAnn 23 April 2017

Comment about the negative comment was for MacIntosh12.

Edwin1 13 Aug 2013

Yes, this medication can cause you to eat less, hence, lose some weight.

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