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Tramadol is it hard to go to sleep the first time you take it ?

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mhelcl 21 Apr 2013

It is not a usual problem. The most typical side effects with taking Tramadol are nausea, vomiting, sweating, itching and constipation sometimes drowsiness. Unless you could not sleep because of one of the listed, it is not typical to not be able to sleep after taking Tramadol.

Delila 21 Apr 2013

Hi, i agree, it is unusual for Tramadol to cause insomnia when first starting it. It is much more common to experience lethargy and generally sleeping more than usual. It is known that Tramadol can cause insomnia when someone has been taking it for a long time & at high doses.

Prospero 17 May 2013

The first time I took it (about 7 years ago), I took a 50mg dose before going to bed, and had insomnia so bad that I didn't use it again for months. Since then, I have usually taken it only during the morning. This doesn't seem to be a typical effect, so it may just be my individual reaction.

Delila 18 May 2013

Hi, i was the same to start with. Didn't sleep well, but then my doctor added Amitriptyline, which helps. I continued with the Tramadol as it really helped with my back pain, after some time i wasn't affected with the insomnia & Tramadol worked great from me, even to some point kept me more alert during the day. I have to warn you about dependency with Tramadol though, it is a risk. Sorry, but i feel i have to share this

Emmajik 12 Apr 2015

I get insomnia even if I take it at noon... so sad because it was helping with my fibromyalgia pain...

Rip Van Winkle 20 Apr 2017

I took Tramadol for years and suffered with sleeplessness for years.
Most nights it would take between 3-6 hours to get to sleep even after a strenuous day. Some nights no sleep at all.
My doctor had no answers and indicated this was a part of aging, (I am 67 now).
On re-reading the advice slip in the packet, I noticed the '1 in a 1000' side effect of sleep disorders on Tramadol.
Desperate, I tried stopping the medication.
It had an immediate effect that same evening.
I I am now sleeping well for the first time in years and no longer lie awake for hours.
In fact I get straight off to sleep - it's amazing!
I feel I have got my life back.
The most suffering I have ever endured was the past decade on Tramadol. free discount card

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