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Tramadol - Does anyone else have horrible itching with this medication?

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mpvt 15 Mar 2010

Try taking benadryl capsules as prescribed on the box. Tramadol can cause you to release histamines which makes you itchy. This is quite common and anti histamine pills will control it... It can also be a sign of taking to much which people need to be careful as Tramadol causes seizures at high doses..Dave

Julie2380 15 Mar 2010

My doctor told me I could take benadryl with Tramadol, but I haven't tried it yet.
I know it causes siezures, I make sure I do my homework on every medication I ever take. But it says that itching is a severe side effect, just wondering how severe it is. I only take 50-100mg a day, I am well aware how much I should not take.

mpvt 15 Mar 2010

Please don't think I was accusing you of abuse, I was just informing you that this drug can be very dangerous. Don't be worried about getting itchy from this drug. It is very common to get quite itchy from it. The Benadryl will take it away and I suggest you go get some and ask the pharmacist about how to take it for opiate histamine release... Good luck..Dave

Julie2380 15 Mar 2010

I didn't think you were accusing me of abuse, just putting it out there I just started it 3 weeks ago. I am very weary of new drugs so I make sure I am well educated on them. I appreciate the advice, I will talk to my pharmacist!

Ed 009 26 Aug 2016

How long does the itching last from tramadol? I cannot get any Benadryl until the morning..

EmmaGemma 6 Oct 2016

The itching varies from person to person so the itching could stop not too long after you took a dose or it could last the entire duration til the tramadol is out of your system.

rvickers 15 Nov 2016

I just came to this site to ask the same question. I am itching like mental and wondered if it was normal. But having read that Tramadol releases histimines in the body that makes a bit more sense. I only seem to itch from it after about 12 hours from taking when I go to bed. Do you think this is because it's hot in the bed? It's very strange. Even my teeth itch!! free discount card

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