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Is tramadol an opioid?

7 Answers

Rajive Goel 29 May 2012

Tramadol hydrochloride is a prescription pain medication. It is licensed for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain in adults.
Take care, best wishes!

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Delila 29 May 2012

Hi, Rajive has already given you the correct description, i just wanted to add that it is a synthetic opiate, it becomes opiate like when it mixes with the bodies chemistry. Someone told me this once and it helped me to understand a bit better : )

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balbanese 29 May 2012

Delia, did you see my comment to you? I can't PM you yet. That comment was not directed at you. There was a conflict with another poster and I should have handled it with a private message. My bad. Sorry for the misunderstanding to you & anyone else who took this the wrong way. Very sorry, please forgive me.

Delila 30 May 2012

Yes I did. Thank you, apology accepted : )

Inactive 29 May 2012

I totally agree with the others answers, but am giving you a link to read about tramadol. It will help you understand it's addictive qualities also. Hope this helps too... Mary

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Inactive 12 Jun 2012

It is a synthetic opioid. Mary is right, very addictive and dangerous, especially if stopped cold turkey or abused, siezures are a possibility.

Lmbs 30 Jun 2015

Thank you for the information. It's conflict in one says it is addicting another says it's not

balbanese 29 May 2012

No. It's a synthetic (whatever that means). Hope this helps.

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Inactive 12 Jun 2012

Synthetic means it was made in a lab, & not taken from a plant base like many are... Mary

balbanese 12 Jun 2012

I knew that! :)

123land 9 Jun 2017

balbanese, if you knew what "synthetic" means, then why add "(whatever that means)"?

psdontmissheaven 7 Jun 2013

Will this medication show positive on a 7 panel drug screen?

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Delila 8 Jun 2013

I'm sorry, i'm not sure how the 7 panel drug screen is conducted, it will show up in a urine test though.

123land 9 Jun 2017

No, it does NOT. I know, I take it, and have been tested...

masso 5 Jul 2017

Yes, Tramadol is an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain.

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masso 5 Jul 2017

BTW, Tramadol is a synthetic opioid.-

bubbies1999 14 Jul 2017

Tramadol is most definitely an opioid. As previously stated it is synthetic but never the less it is a potentially dangerous one as far as dependency and abuse. DO NOT take this drug more than needed, and especially for a extended length of time. USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION!!!

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