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Can l take tramadol and amitriptyline together as night time sleeping tablets?


Mick Lee 11 Dec 2019

I was seeking an answer as I'm on a high dose of both. 50mg Endep and 200mg Tramadol daily. My GP has now prescribed me Lyrica 150mg as a nerve blocker. I'm currently on The Waiting List for a full hip replacement due to severe necrosis. I am really struggling

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Swandive 25 Nov 2017

I have taken them both together with no problem. I am on 25 mg amitriptyline & am weaning off of Tramadol, but I have taken as much as 50 mg of Tramadol along with the amitriptlyline. You probably should consult your doctor or pharmacist, though, before using both together.
Good luck! I know what it's like to have trouble sleeping.

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