This is why I hate doctors... in my area, they are jerks and care only about themselves and their career... here it is..
The other night, I couldn't sleep. i knew I had a UTI and felt terrible, but dealt with it because I don't trust doctors. Sometimes I can treat it myself with homeopathic remedies and I'm ok,,, but after another sleepless night, I got up around 2 in the morning and felt so dizzy I passed out cold on my kitchen floor. When I came too, my husband was looking over me scared to death, I don't know what happened, but I felt like my BP was skyhigh, so he got scared and called the Ambulance {mistake #!} they came out, and saw I could walk and was alert, so they asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, and my husband convinced me to go. So, I got in the Ambulance feeling very emabressed, and they treated me very badly and told me that I was keeping them from more important duties, I felt like I could've jumped out and walked home. I felt so bad I even apoligized, because I diddn't know what else to say. and I hadn't slept in 2 days. So, I get to the hospital and was greeted by actually a very nice nurse, who was compationate and actually cared.
So, after and urine sample and a bp check {was 184/104} and a 2 hour wait. The doctor came in calling me by my last name, I knew that wasn't good. He said I would not have died from my HBP today, but I would eventually and that wasn't a reason to be there.and then he asked what the problem was and I told him, when he saw I came in by ambulance, he proceeded to tell me that I was a bad person, that someone could have died because I took an ambulance, and that an ambulance ride costs 600$, and then he told me that people die every day because of someone like me and I was "taxing the system", When he left I cried so hard that when the nurse came in, she couldn't understand what I was saying. When I finally got it out, she was understanding and said what he said was horrible and she wrote down in my chart what he had said to me and gave me a number to call to complain, when I told my husband and when he picked me up what happened, he immediatly called that person to complain, after he told her she said,"oh no, not again". So, I hope he got in trouble. I hope I recieve something in the mail for a law suit against him or something but I don't think I would get that lucky. I already don't trust dr anyway, and this confirmed my feelings. I have many diagnosis and I haven't been to my dr for a while because I dont trust any one I have even had. My Grandfather was the lead medical director and an MD at that hospital for 55 years. If he was still alive that dr would've been fired on the spot... so there it is, sorry so long, sometimes I think about it and cry, where is the compassion? What about the hippocratic oath? Its all lost now adays... something needs to be done.. thanks for reading... PS~when I left my BP was 202/126... I left anyway!