I have just been put on probation for methamphetamine and was told by the Judge that my 1st positive drug test would earn me a motion to revoke my 10 year deferred adjudicated probation and so I went to my first probation appointment this morning and they had me submit a urine specimen which came up clean for everything except marijuana which I have NOT smoked in nearly 20 years. I am on many other medications, however, one of which is ATRIPLA for HIV. The tester at probation said after looking it up on his computer that it has caused false positives but that he could not say that officially, and so my PO sent my doctor a request to verify that ATRIPLA could cause a false THC positive. Is this true? Some of the other meds i take on a daily basis are: celebrex, nexium, Adderal, & Serequil, also fish oil and a daily multi-vitamin. i am extremely worried because we are talking about my freedom here, and with my other health conditions, ny freedom is basically my life as well