I would appreciate any help in this topic as I'm at a loss for pain management. I have been living with chronic pain for over 3 years. After trying almost every nerve and pain medication, the only thing that has truly controlled my pain is Nucynta. After being on the ER 150MG/day for a few months and feeling like I had my life back, I starting experiencing bad side effects after ~2months (dizziness, lack of concentration and jittery), which became intolerable, so I had to come off. I switched to Ultram (100mg 2 times/day), and 10mg of oxycodone (up to 4 times/day). Ultram initially helped a lot with the pain, but now I cannot even sit for more than 15 minutes without constant burning. I had also tried 50mg of immediate release Nucynta for a short period, but still had that jittery, nervous, shaky feeling. My question is, has anyone who had side effects on Nucynta had luck with the effects going away after a few weeks? I am desperate to gain relief, but reluctant to switch back if I'm only going to feel those awful side effects. Appreciate any insight!