Recently I have moved from 40mg of citalopram (Celexa) daily, taken at bedtime for approx. 8 years,
to 20mg of citalopram + 150mg bupropion (Wellbutrin), told by pharmacist to take the citalopram in the morning and the Wellbutrin at night with my birth control pill. Over three months I saw a negative impact on my anxiety and depression levels, but it helped prevent me from sleeping for 12-14 hours a night as I was before.
NOW I have moved to 20mg citalopram + 300mg Wellbutrin and I mentioned to the pharmacist that, like many people on the internet report, the Wellbutrin is having a stimulating effect and while that worked to prevent me from sleeping too much, the higher dose was preventing a full sleep. She said "okay, this can happen, or the opposite can happen, but this is how it affects you so take it in the morning."
so I asked "should I then be taking it at the same time as the citalopram? or would it be better to switch them and go back to taking the citalopram at night?"
I was pretty unhappy when the final answer was that I should be taking the citalopram in the morning, then letting it get into my system before taking the Wellbutrin at noon, then continue taking the birth control as usual.

I will say I am not good at remembering to take my pills and medications! Despite alarms and reminders and placing them in convenient places, I continue to SUCK at it. Now I have to remember THREE times a day? I can tell already that it'll work for about a month and as soon as it becomes routine it will get all screwed up.

She really couldn't tell me WHY I should take the citalopram in the morning only. Officially the instructions for the medication say "take morning or evening with or without food, same time daily" and I already know it doesn't keep me awake, as I've been oversleeping after taking it for 8 years, and I've gone off and back on and off again and back on so many times that I know the citalopram is not the cause of the hypersomnia.

Anyone have any advice? Also I should say that I wake up at crazy times, sometimes 7 and sometimes noon.. that makes it hard to keep a morning pill schedule.

Does anyone else take this combination, and when do you take yours?