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Is it ever ok to take tramadol with celexa(citalopram) or wellbutin(bupropion)?

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SLCUtahBOI801 31 Oct 2012

I wouldn't mix the two. I had taken them previously for a few years, but just this year while I took them both (Not at the same time), my wife found me having a seizure. It was the scariest damn thing ever. Don't risk it. There's got to be other things out there that are not as risky. Tramadol is pretty bad stuff. Since my episode I've been reading that there are lots of people that have had seizures on it.

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pfcpremosgirl 5 Dec 2010

The risks of serotonin syndrome when taking SSRI's or SSNRI's in combination with tramadol are very serious risks. Its a deadly situation. If your doctor has prescribed them both to you, then he or she must the the benefit outweighs that risk. I myself will not take them both, as I have already had a seizure while on tramadol and an SSRI. I won't risk that anymore. If anything feels remotely WRONG while you are on that combination, don't wait... call your doctor asap, just in case.

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WarriorBabe 4 Dec 2010

I have been taking both for about a year. I haven't had any problems taking them together. They haven't counteracted with each other as far as I know. As you know, there are side effects with any medication, but I think its ok to take them together.

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demidezzi 24 May 2013

Absolutely, all drugs have a s/e and their pretty much the same. Dr. will say that SSRI's will have the s/e of nerve situations because that's what the med helps with but remember everyone, too much of a good thing is harmful, like ice-cream: ) Some people are more sensitive to meds, that's why we have an reaction. Cytalopram has saved me in so many ways, please follow your dr. Advice. Don't go over 20mg unless told too!!

Delila 2 Oct 2010

Hi, as the previous response states, there is a potential interaction risk between these meds', however, from experience, i have had no problems at all. I've been on citalopram and tramadol (400mg daily) for about 5 months together and also take nurofen if needed. Just thought you might be interested to know this?

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demidezzi 24 May 2013

I too use them together with no interaction. I wish I knew about the Cytalopram in my 20's :)

Rajive Goel 1 Oct 2010

Tramadol with Citalopram: Please read more on:,2221-0, recommended to be avoided.

Tramadol with Wellbutrin (bupropion):Please read more on:,440-203, recommended to be monitored.

However, please do seek more info from teh doc who prescribed the meds, take care, be well & safe!

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