I was prescribed prednisone 40 mg for severe asthma flare/cough.
It is a 12 day taper down.

I was taking 40 mg prednisone split in 2 doses am/pm. I just thought it would be more beneficial this way? Provide more relief throughout the 24-hour period?

I am wondering if it may be better to take the entire 40 mg a day all at once, instead of splitting it into 20 am, and 20 pm. Taking it at night didn't bother my sleep, but, now I just think it might be easier to do it all at once. But -- would the 40 mg once a day be harder on my body?

(My doctor, when he prescribed it, said it's typically a once a day drug, but that he would permit me to split into am/pm doses.)

Any advice on how I would convert the timing from am/pm to once in the am? I was trying to keep the doses 12 hours apart. So, if I took today's second 20 mg dose tonight, would converting to 40 mg tomorrow morning be too much of an increase too soon? Doesn't it mean I will have taking 60 mg within 24 hours if I do that? Should I wait until LATER in the day tomorrow to start taking it once a day? And if so, how much later after tonight's dose of 20 (40 for the full day)?