I was prescribed Lamotrigine because after 5 days on 25 mg of Zoloft my anxiety got much worse and after 10 mg (a baby dose) of Nortriptyline for just a week my depression got much worse. I've been diagnosed with GAD which also results in depression. I've felt this way for about 4 months - triggered by very stressful life events. Because I have periods during the day when I feel "normal" and because of my reactions to the Zoloft and Nortriptyline, my pdoc thinks I have a mood disorder - perhaps bipolar 2. I've also had this happen two other times in the past 8 years - also preceded by significant life stressors. The first time it was just depression (although the diagnosis was anxiety) and it passed after a few months without medication. The second time it was mostly anxiety and I took Paxil. I had to wait 8 weeks for the Paxil to kick in but eventually it did and I got better. I was on the Paxil for 10 months. I should note that I've never had a true manic episode. My "ups" are just a feeling of centeredness and contentment - just feel good and normal. My main symptoms are depression and anxiety. Will the Lamotrigine work for me? If so, when should I expect to at least get some signs? It's been 5 days on 25 mg. No bad side effects. Does seem to have helped a little with the anxiety but not the depression yet. Thank you in advance for any replies.