Hi, I developed tinnitus 2 months ago and it completely shattered my life. I couldn't stop thinking about it, i couldn't sleep, I'd be up all night screaming and worrying so I turned to my old friend Ativan and started taking 1 mg a night to sleep. I've had moderate anxiety for over 20 years and took an Ativan once in a blue moon when needed. I used to think Ativan was harmless until I started searching ototoxic drugs and came across a post about benzo withdrawals. Well it freaked me out so bad that I want to stop taking Ativan, I talked to a psychiatrist about it and he laughed at me saying 1mg a night for a guy my size is nothing, its like a glass of wine. Well that was 3 weeks ago which would've been the ideal time to stop instead I listened and got another prescription from my doctor. My doctor did express concern but said I should talk to my psychologist once she comes back from vacation about tapering off which I will do.
I have a lot of concerns about this 1) it will increase my tinnitus which will drive me insane 2) I am totally scared of the withdrawal symptoms I am hearing. Last night I decided to start weening off the drug but based on the dosage I was taking there is no instructions for weening off 1 mg of Ativan so I cut one of my .5 pills in half and took .75 last night. I had some vivid dreams but nothing scary but my legs felt and still feel like they sweaty and on fire. I'm a bit concerned about not knowing how to taper properly and not knowing the warning signs. Any help would be greatly appreciated