I have had trouble sleeping for years and so my mom asked my doctor for meds to help me sleep. Without consulting me my doctor decided the reason I had trouble sleeping was because I was anxious, which was incorrect. Without talking to me at all or giving me any warnings she prescribed me Ativan. After taking it for two weeks I developed extreme anxiety the like of which I had never experience before even though I have been diagnosed with it for years. After having a few panic attacks I determined it was the Ativan that was causing it. I contacted my doctor and asked her how to get off of it she said she could not help me and that I would have to find a psychiatrist to help me. I had been searching for one for months before this and searching for two more weeks after she said this. At this point the anxiety was so bad I was having a ton of panic attacks after having been on it for a month at this point I decided to just quit cold turkey. My panic attacks became constant as I would have one from the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep. I haven't taken it since then and after five months the anxiety wont go away even though I finally found a physiatrist and he's had me try a few different anti-depressants/ anti-anxiety meds the anxiety will not go away. I could not find any information about Ativan causing this but is it possible?