Many people speak of how awful it is to lower the dose of clonazepam but don’t really describe the symptoms. I’ve taken a pretty steady dose of this benzo (.125) daily for 2 years as I’ve tried to find an anti-anxiety medicine that works. Lexapro didn’t, I couldn’t stand the side effects of Zoloft and am currently on Buspirone, 15 mg. Still feel lousy and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m physically dependent on the benzo, if I need a higher dose of Buspirone, or if I should try Effexor. I tried skipping my micro-dose of Clonazepam this morning, and felt jittery and fatigued by early afternoon. Is that withdrawal or just a symptom of anxiety because the Buspirone is not working optimally? All along I was told by my doctor that as soon as the anxiety med starts working, I won’t “need” the clonazepam. I have yet to achieve that calm feeling I so desperately need. The benzo just helps take the edge off. I’ve already tried a higher dose of Buspirone, and felt worse so either the 15 mg works or I have to try something else and doc is suggesting Effexor. Can anyone describe what Clonazepam withdrawal feels like? Thanks…. I would really like to discontinue it but don’t know how to go any lower than I already have. (I cut the .5 mg in quarters).