My doctor started tapering me off of clonazepam 2 weeks ago. I had only been taking it about 6 months, .5mg 2x a day. He had me cut one of those doses in half only. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, but oh my god, the symptoms. It's not anxiety, but a whole host of physical symptoms I wasn't expecting after being on such a low dose for such a short time, and only reducing it by .25 mg a day. I'm itchy from head to toe, my skin is breaking out with acne (not even just my face, but my entire body) way worse than even when I was a teenager, and I have swelling in my ankles and feet (which I've never experienced before). While my anxiety is not at panic levels (it was, after losing my dad, which is what got me started on this hellish drug in the first place), I am by nature an anxious person, and so even though the doctor tells me all of these symptoms are probably just from the tiny reduction in my clonazepam dose, it's hard to not freak out. And of course, the internet assures me it's kidney failure or liver failure or cancer or lupus, or something equally terrifying. The acne I can deal with, that doesn't worry me overly much, but the swelling in my legs and the itching are scary, not to mention make me miserable just about every second of the day--especially the itching. I've ruled out environmental factors, tried Benadryl and lots of lotion, drinking lots of water, etc, because supposedly clonazepam withdrawal can cause dehydration, but have seen no difference. So... those of you who have tapered off this med, is this really normal? I feel like this is an insane amount of side effects for what seems like such an insignificantly small change in meds that I wasn't even on for that long, and my doctor's lack of concern about everything else is making my anxiety go through the roof, convinced I'm dying of something they won't bother to investigate. Should I push for further testing? Get a second opinion? Is this normal and I just need to ride it out? I don't know what to do, but I'm miserable right now