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I have been on zoloft for 1 week & have not slept & had an upset stomach - how long will this last?

Posted 19 Jun 2011 by AngieGutterman 4 answers

I have tried tylenol PM, unisom, melatonin.My doctor does not want to prescribe me a sleeping pill. Can anyone tell me how long the insomnia and upset stomach will last?

Why does Unisom and other similar sleep aids cause lingering drowsiness after?

Posted 13 Apr 2013 by Grimmgoose 2 answers

I started taking a couple different diphenhydramines and they just left me drowsy, and nauseous after i woke up. So i stopped taking them. Even after a few sleep cycles i still felt drowsy after sleeping without taking anything. I had been taking prescription pills for sleep [seroquel] but they ...

Can I mix unisom with Xanax?

Posted 25 Jul 2011 by checkmypills 3 answers

Does using sleep aids (unisom) cause High Blood Pressure?

Posted 3 Apr 2012 by BlackCherri 1 answer

I never had high blood pressure until I started using over the counter sleep aids.

Trazdone and Melationin?

Posted 2 Jan 2016 by my2kin04 5 answers

Can I mix Trazodone and Melatonin together? I'm taking 50mg of Trazdone right now. I have been taking Trazdone and unisom, but I can't take it every night. Also, will melatonin eventually stop working? Thank you!

I’m having sleep issues. I take 125 mg of nortriptyline and 25 or 50 mg if trazodone. I just had a

Posted 22 Mar 2018 by mmmmmm19 3 answers

... baby and I’m unable to fall asleep now. I was thinking of 1. Taking the 125 mg of nortriptyline and bumping the traz to 125 mg or 2. Taking 125 mg of nortriptyline 50 mg of traz and a unisom. I’m not seeing my shrink till Monday and really need to get through these next few days. ...

What are the long term effects of Diphenhydramine?

Posted 20 Sep 2009 by sleepytime 1 answer

What are the long term effects of taking DIPHENHYDRAMINE (or Unisom sleepgels) every day over several years?

Can you take Unisom and tramadol together?

Posted 13 May 2017 by CPO1 2 answers

Sleep Disorders - what is the best over the counter medicine to sleep?

Posted 23 Mar 2012 by cantwait 4 answers

I used to use benadryl to sleep but I now use unisom and I find I use more pills.

My 8 month old find a tiny peice of a unisom melt in bed?

Posted 10 Aug 2012 by gabrielsma1208 2 answers

so my ? is will he be OK i called PC n they said he should be ok just a little drowsy but i just want to make sure. I take the meltaway kind so i couldn't get it out of his mouth before it melted I'm really worried but I'm not trying to freak out n get myself worked up. I just want ...

Hi-I'm in 10 mg of Lexapro and a tiny amount of trazodone for sleep. It's basically a scrapping of..

Posted 30 Jul 2017 by mmmmmm19 1 answer

... trazodone , weird, I know, but works. I just found out I'm pregnant and a bit concerned about taking two medicines. I might try Unisom tonight to see if that helps. I think I'm mainly concerned that I will eventually need more trazodone as the pregnancy moves forward. I'm pretty ...

Can I take Zzzquil and Unisom together?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by Lalablah 1 answer

I don’t know if there is anything else other than diphenhydramine in these sleep aids that would make it bad for me to take them together?

Can I take these 3 togther, Zolpidem 5mg, 3 valerian root capsules and unisom 25mg all at once??

Posted 15 Jun 2015 by shong916 2 answers

Or should i go with the first 2 Zolpidem 5mg and 3 valerian root capsules and a stronger 50mg unisom or should i add 5mg extra strength melotonin to this combination??? Anyone tried this before??? I need a good night sleep the other night i took Zolpidem 5mg, 3 valerian root and the 25mg unisom i ...

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