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I have been on zoloft for 1 week & have not slept & had an upset stomach - how long will this last?

I have tried tylenol PM, unisom, melatonin.My doctor does not want to prescribe me a sleeping pill. Can anyone tell me how long the insomnia and upset stomach will last?

Trazdone and Melationin?

Can I mix Trazodone and Melatonin together? I'm taking 50mg of Trazdone right now. I have been taking Trazdone and unisom, but I can't take it every night. Also, will melatonin eventually stop working? Thank you!

My 8 month old find a tiny peice of a unisom melt in bed?

so my ? is will he be OK i called PC n they said he should be ok just a little drowsy but i just want to make sure. I take the meltaway kind so i couldn't get it out of his mouth before it melted I'm really worried but I'm not trying to freak out n get myself worked up. I just want... read more

Why does Unisom and other similar sleep aids cause lingering drowsiness after?

I started taking a couple different diphenhydramines and they just left me drowsy, and nauseous after i woke up. So i stopped taking them. Even after a few sleep cycles i still felt drowsy after sleeping without taking anything. I had been taking prescription pills for sleep [seroquel] but they... read more

Can you take Unisom and tramadol together?

What sleep aids may I take while on letrozole?

Is it ok to take Simply Sleep? Or Unisom?

How many Unisom can I take without it killing me?

Does using sleep aids (unisom) cause High Blood Pressure?

I never had high blood pressure until I started using over the counter sleep aids.

If I take Adderall IR at 6:00PM what time can I take a sleep aid?

If I take 20mg IR Adderall at 6 or 6:30PM at what time will I be able to take melatonin and a sleeping aid like unisom?

Will Unisom raise my blood pressure?

I take Unisom just about daily because I work nights and my blood pressure seems to be rising?

What would happen if a 15 month old child swallowed a unisom sleep tab?

can it cause brain damage, liver damage, or anything i should be worried about? this happened at 11 am it is now 7:35 pm. Through out the day she was groggy and acting strange but it is not a fact that she did actually eat it. But due to her ironic behavior im considering the fact that it might... read more

Is it okay to take unisom while taking celexa 40 mg at night and Adderall xr 20 mg in the morning?

Actually theirs two questions to this. 1st I'm having some problems with my sleeping and note its not because I'm taking adderall xr or consuming any caffeine, cause I've been having this issus before I toke any medication and I only consume caffiene in the mornings . So anyways I... read more

Can I take Zzzquil and Unisom together?

I don’t know if there is anything else other than diphenhydramine in these sleep aids that would make it bad for me to take them together?

Can Unisom be taken safely with Abilify and escilatopram?

My 34 year old daughter is on the two medications above and is having trouble sleeping.

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