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Trileptal Questions

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How long does Trileptal withdrawal last?

Does Trileptal cause weight gain?

How long does it take for Trileptal to work?

Is Oxtellar XR the same as Trileptal?

Does Trileptal make you gain weight?

I am taking Trileptal for mood stabilization for Bipolar Disorder. He claims it's the only mood stabilizer that doesn't cause weight gain. Has that been you experience on the drug?

Once I start taking 300mgs a day of Trileptal, about how long should it be til I notice the full ef?

til I notice the full effects of it? I am taking it for mild Bipolar Disorder/depression along with 150mgs of Wellbutrin a day. Tonight (when I'm done sending this question) I start 150mgs a nite for 3 nites, then 150mgs morning & 150mgs at nite.

Can you take tums with seizure medication?

When you take tums along with seizure medication does it stop the seizure medication from workin corrrectly so you could have a seizure.

Oxcarbazepine - It's been over 4 days weening off of trileptal. When will I be done?

My son still has a headache and he can't concentrate. He's scared he going to have permanent damage! Help!!!

What effect does caffeine have on Trileptal?

I've been taking Trileptal, a form of Oxcarbezapine, since I was seven (currently 18) for epileptic seizures, and I'm starting to get into drinking coffee. I'm wondering if all te extra caffeine will have any substantial effect on the medication?

Does the numb lips side effect of Trileptal go away?

I switched to Trileptal for my seizures around a month ago, and I had a lot of side effects initially (severe drowsiness). My dose was decreased to 300mg in the morning and 450mg at night. The only side effect that I continue to have is numb lips, but I only get this after the night dose. Is it... read more

Oxcarbazepine - Chest pain? Sudden spasms?

I'm curious if anyone experiences chest pain, burning in their chest, or stabbing feelings in their chest, and sudden shakes or short episodes of tremors on Trileptal. I'm having a lot of that and it's definitely not anxiety. In case this is important information: I'm not... read more

Since I started or added Zyprexa I cannot fall asleep, I have insomnia. Why?

Since I stopped Trileptal 3 days ago and started Zyprexa, I cannot fall asleep

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