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Does Trileptal help with anxiety and mild depression?


Psychmajor 19 Jan 2010

anxiety yes, depression depends on if your anxiety caused the depression. (mild depression is something everyone has and shouldnt be treated with medication unless its Dysthymia) (this works on the sodium phosphate channels reducing the fireing rate of neurons in the brain preventing sesuires and slowing down the activity in the brain (which is the main cause of anxiety)

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wjsandlin 20 Jan 2010

Thank you so much for this answer. I really appreciate it. No, my anxiety does not cause the depression. I am starting the Trileptal tomorrow. I will be taking 150mg twice per day. I have mood swings, going up (feeling my normal self) and down (depressed, sometimes with anxiety and sometimes without). I can be normal one minute and then down the next - sometimes the normal lasting for hours and not normal for a few minutes to an hour and back to normal again. I fight almost continuously in mind control to remain normal. Then I also have periods of anxiety by itself, which I take Xanax .25 mg., I need to take more at a time sometimes, depending on the amount of anxiety. I feel like I'm up and down all of the time, especially in the evening. I can go all day being myself and then late afternoon into evening it starts. Thank you again for your comment.

itsmetoo2 20 Jan 2010

May I make a suggestion. instead of Xanax, try Benedryl. That too takes off the edge without the side effects.

Psychmajor 20 Jan 2010

benedryl is a great idea but it depends on where the anxiety stems... i dont really have time to go into all of this so ill leave it at that.

I totally forgot to mention that there has been some studies done that show a corralation between GABA plasma levels and depression (so this med may help with the depression)

wjsandlin 20 Jan 2010

Thanks for all your comments. Benedryl makes me terribly sleepy so I'd rather stick with Xanax. What is GABA levels?

Psychmajor 20 Jan 2010

thats actually how benedryl is good for anxiety lol. takes away the physical symptoms but leaves the fast brain activity..

GABA is a neurotransmiter (going to call this NT now) which is the major inhibitory NT in the brain which regulates how fast each other type of NT is fired, mainly Norepinephrine and glutamate which are both exciatorty NTs. when everything is slowed down it prevents seizures as well as anxiety.

hope that was easy to follow im very tired and have to go to class now, peace free discount card

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