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Temazepam Questions

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Is Temazepam 30 mg at bedtime the max dose an MD will prescribe?

I started out on 15 mg and was increased to 30 mg 2 months ago and now the 3o mg is no longer affective. Should I ask my MD to increase the dose or is it unusual to prescribe higher than 30 mg at bedtime?

Restoril (temazepam) for sleep. Pros and cons?

Haven't been sleeping well of late which is highly unusual for me, but anyway just started taking Restoril last night. 15mgs kept me alseep for 4 hours then awake, though I was able to go back to sleep. I awoke with a headache. Is this a common side effect? Took 30mgs tonight to see if I can... read more

I get Xanax and temazepam from one doctor, and Suboxone from another doctor, will I get kicked off?

I want to know if I take the benzos will it be a problem when I see my doctor for Suboxone and test positvie for them. He didn't prescribe me benzos because he said taking them is like walking on thin ice with suboxone. I have panic attacks and xanax helps stop them. Should I just stop weeks... read more

Can a 15 mg capsule of temazepam be cut in half?

I want to taper down with this drug, and all I have at home is the 15mg strength. Thanks.

Can You Take 60 mg of Temazepam?

My doctor prescribed Gabapentin 300mg and Temazepam 30mg for anxiety, has anyone used these?

I have never used either before and I'm somewhat nervous. I have a stressful job that requires extensive travel and client interaction. I am also prescribed to adderall 30mg a day. Does anyone have experience with any of these? Would Temazepam and Gabapentin help with anxiety brought on by... read more

Is Temazepam a narcotic?

[?] I have been prescribed Temazepam, and I have no idea if it is a Narcotic or not , can someone help? shannon williams

Can Restoril/Temazepam be taken during the daytime? Or should it ONLY be used right before bed?

My doctor prescribed it to help me sleep, but it says it is also used to treat anxiety. I'm wondering what would happen if it was taken during the day.

Is 30 mg Temazepam a time release capsule?

Are there legal non prescription alternatives that will work similar to Temazepam (for anxiety)?

I have been using unprescribed (for me) Temazepam (10mg) for anxiety and have found one tablet or at the most two works really well and better than diazepam (had this properly prescribed before at 2mg I think). I use it for travel phobias and find it works quite quickly (in 5/10 mins) when I need... read more

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