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At bedtime I take 1 temazepam 30mg. and 1 alprazolam 1 mg. as ordered by my dr. Is this okay?

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chuck1957 15 April 2017

Samantha; Yes if the doctor said this is okay no problem you well not overdose on this. Just for thinking what many people do is start with the Temazepam 30mg sleeping capsule and if you wake up in less than 3 to 4 hours and can't get back to sleep take the Xanax or alprazolam sorry same thing. If you find you don't need one then your better off. But if you find you are waking up and needing the alprazolam every night just take them together. but if you find it works better if you wake up then do it that way. you well be just fine.

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ChelleKay 14 April 2017

I take the same thing at bedtime, plus 30mg Reglan and 25mg Promethazine, all prescribed by same doctor at different times. Xanax several a day as needed for anxiety AND at bedtime. Same for promethazine and reglan, b4 meals and at bedtime. I have severe insomnia and these do help w/ sleep even tho I take them thru the day for other uses. But, together, at bed time works for me. Can't say they knock me out, but does help me relax. I think you will be okay. I wouldn't add anything else unless directed by your doctor. Best wishes, ChelleKay

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Inactive 14 April 2017

If this is the way your doctor wants you to take it. You should be fine.
If not. I would let your doctor know as soon as possible. xx

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