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I have some temazepam left over from a few years ago, are they still ok to use?

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Venus Durr 10 July 2018

I don't think it would harm u at all,but for as being effective with the same quality they had before they expired ,Absolutely not.

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paininthenecketc 10 Feb 2010

They are okay. The only thing that happens to them after time is that they may lose some of their strength. Pharmacist once told me that meds stay good for years as long as they are kept in a cool dark and dry place. They also said that if the medicine is used to regulate something ie... heart, blood pressure, thyroid, seizures... then don't use them too far past the expiration date on the bottle because these meds need to be a constant dose and you would not want the dosage to be weaker on old medicine. So generally, if it is a medicine that you just take as needed, then it probably will not matter if it is weaker. You probably wouldn't even notice it.

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Robert_325 9 Feb 2010

I wouldn't be worried about it. They may have lost a litttle effectiveness but it's just a sleeping pill in the benzodiazapine family of drugs.

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barbles2413 9 Feb 2010

More than likely not. There should be a do not use after a certain date on the bottle but I wouldn't trust taking it Hope tis helps

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