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How long before I go to sleep after taking temazepam for insomnia ?

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Inactive 16 July 2014

In my experience the average time is about 20 minutes until you start feeling it. If you have taken benzos before then you might be tolerant of them. Also I will say that temazepam doesn't make you feel sleepy, it more dulls and slows your mind and body so you find it easier to relax enough to get to sleep. Also benzos work better on an empty stomach. The advice of the previous comments are great about relaxation and noise!

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kaismama 16 July 2014

If we give you a time in which it should work, when its 1 min passed that you're going to get concerned, and have more trouble sleeping. To actually have to do things if you ever want to sleep without pills. Billy got some and then there is no tv or computer for 2 hrs before sleep. Have a glass of milk before bed , it does not have to be hot. No light in the bedroom whatsoever, even the alarm clock. If you hear sounds that keep you awake, try white noise over it. This is the hum of a fan or ac, a tape with ocean sounds and rain, that type of thing.

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balbanese 16 July 2014

Allow at least 45 minutes, even 90, and allow 7-10 days of first taking it for it to work at all. also, don't "try" to fall asleep, learn some deep breathing and relaxation techniques to do right after retiring, try to go to bed the same time every night and don't eat within 3-hours of going to sleep. Hope this helps.

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