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How long till my Vitamin D supplements make me feel better?

Posted 8 Mar 2013 by viclewis 4 answers

I was just diagnosed with low Vitamin D. I originally went to the doctor because of severe leg, feet, and hand cramps. He did blood work, and it turns out my level is 5.9. I am now on 50,000 iu per week and 2000 iu per day. I just started this week, but I honestly feel worse instead of better. My ...

Does black stool mean colon cancer?

Posted 28 Aug 2013 by Kingdoctor20 5 answers

What does it mean when your stool is black? With bowel movments twice a day I only see black stool after I exercise sometimes or out of the blue some days. I take seroquel xr and a vitamen d supplement.

Why is MoviPrep so darned expensive?

Posted 9 Apr 2013 by Ellen91247 3 answers

My pharmacist told me the price (without insurance) was $87.50! I nearly swallowed my tongue! That is outrageous! And the only insurance I have is Medicare and a supplement. If they don't pay, I will have to skip the colonoscopy. I am on a very fixed income. What have some of you had to pay ...

What supplements to take along with ssri?

Posted 21 Sep 2013 by Secret12 4 answers

I'm taking a multi, b complex, probiotic, and fish oil. I'm on 20 mg citalopram. My main side effect is the tired lethargic feeling so I'm hoping the supplements will help a bit.

Is GHR Platinum safe?

Posted 28 Mar 2013 by hoversten 3 answers

GHR Platinum is the latest pill growth hormone supplement and is supposed to provide more energy, better sleep, decrease arthritic pain. They say they have more than 20,000 clinical studies. Is it safe to use as a supplement since our own growth hormone deminishes to nil by the time we are 60 ? My ...

My doctor switched me to Mononessa while I was still on a active cycle of depo provera because I?

Posted 5 days ago by Angellewise 0 answers

... have PCOS and he felt I needed the estrogen supplements. Is it true that they cancel each other out? He didn't mention it so I'm confused

How should I take the oral supplement, 1-DHEA?

Posted 10 days ago by Norman1981 0 answers

Norm here. My question today is, I've been taking the Primevil Labs "1 Andro for 2, 1/2 weeks now. I read that many oral prohormones, are best absorbed, sublingually. The 1 Andro I'm taking claims to use the Liposomal Delivery system. For maximum bioavailability. But I'm ...

Could Wellbutrin or Buspar suddenly start causing a slight rash on my face?

Posted 15 days ago by G Mc 1 answer

And now other places on my body are getting little patchy rash spots! I quit taking all my multivitamins and natural supplements weeks ago when this started, thinking that one of those might be the culprit. The rashiness calmed down somewhat on my face, but now it's back. Now I am beginning to ...

Microgestin Fe Mid Cycle Start, Still Having Mid Pack Periods?

Posted 6 Mar 2017 by maryelliott25 1 answer

I started birth control Microgestin Fe 1.5/30 in the middle of my natural menstrual cycle 5 months ago. I have consistently taken the pill and am not on other medications/supplements. I still get my period in the middle of the pill pack in alignment with my natural cycle and have only light ...

Alternative for taking 10mg lisinopril?

Posted 17 days ago by s0nata20 0 answers

Hello I am currently taking the ACE inhibitor lisinopril (10mg) for hypertension(150/91) but is considering taking a supplement called L-Arginine and was wondering if anyone have a recommended dosage to take? I heard that any dosage under 3 grams/day is good.

If I take magnesium supplement while stopping taking venlafaxine for depression will that help?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Gibbs SR 2 answers

I have been told that magnesium supplements can help stop depression very well, and wondered if I started taking magnesium while stopping taking my 2 x venlafaxine tablets per day I would feel less side effects of stopping the antidepressant and then could feel better by staying on the magnesium ...

Combining Iron Supplement with Type 2 Diabetes Meds?

Posted 27 Feb 2017 by apv920 0 answers

Is there any health risk of adding an Iron Supplement while taking prescriptions for Lisinopril and Metaformin

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