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Sucralfate Questions

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After taking sucralfate I don't eat at all?

How soon can I take sucralfate before I eat?

I'm taking sucralfate (as tablet dissolved in small amt of water) before meals and at bedtime for esophageal ulcer, not stomach ulcer. I have GERD. Do I still need to take it 1hr before meals? Or can I take it immediately before eating?

Sucralfate - What can you eat while taking Carafate?

Stomach has been upset since begin taking this three days ago. Experiencing headaches, backaches, acid reflux and sinus problems. Is this common?

Sucralfate - What if my husband eats before an hour after taking the medicine?

What will happen to my husband if he eats before the hour is up after taking sucralfate.My husband is a stroke survivor and he is insisting he eats before the hour. He has issues of not understanding things and getting upset.

Can Sucralfate/Prilosec and Sucralfate/Nexium be taken at the same time?

In the morning, I have to take Levothyroxine as soon as I get up per Endocrinologist.Then 30 minutes later, I have been taking Nexium/Sucralfate. The GE dr. did not specify timing and it's difficult to get an answer.Then later, I eat breakfast and take Etodolac. This takes a lot of morning... read more

Is it safe to take Sucralfate after meals ?

I have GERD, bile reflux and esophagus ucler. My doctor gave me Sucraflate tablet 1 g. He told me to take 1 g 2 times after meals with water. Is this a correct way to take Sucralfate because I read that I should take it before meals and not after meals. What is the efficient way for taking... read more

GERD - Timetable for taking Sucralfate (carafate) and omeprazole (Prilosec). Currently I'm taking...

... the meds like this. Take omeprazole, wait one hour, take carafate, wait one hour and then food. I was wondering if there is a better, more compact (time-wise) way to take it and be effective? Lots of conflicting info on how to take those 2 medicines online

Can I take Carafate (sucralfate) long term ?

can i take Carafate (sucralfate) long term ?is it safe?

Should the sucralfate suspension be refrigerated?

Are there any restrictions for drinking water once the liquid carafate taken?

If sucralafte pill needs to be followed by the glass of water, why liquid sucralfate doesn't?

Sulfur - Does Sucralfate IGM Tablets have sulfer or sulfer compounds of any kind in it?

My mother is allergic to sulfer and anything with sulfer compounds in it, she has been prescribed Sucralfate tablets four times a day and is now experiencing asthma like breathing conditions, She also has Asthma, she also takes coumadin, synthroid, percocet, dulera,lisinpril, it seems she is being... read more

Is sucralfate still effective when taken as a slurry with a teaspoon of food?

This is the only way to get our dog to take it.

Sucralfate - What does empty stomach mean exactly? Are clear fluids allowed?

Am I allowed to have clear fluids other than water WITHIN the 2 hours before/ 1 hour after time window of the dose? Such as coffee, tea, or clear juices? Or do I need to wait like I do with food? I am on 1 gm dose- 4 times a day for bile reflux disease.

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