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GERD - Timetable for taking Sucralfate (carafate) and omeprazole (Prilosec). Currently I'm taking...

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by avrion 2 answers

... the meds like this. Take omeprazole, wait one hour, take carafate, wait one hour and then food. I was wondering if there is a better, more compact (time-wise) way to take it and be effective? Lots of conflicting info on how to take those 2 medicines online

Can Sucralfate/Prilosec and Sucralfate/Nexium be taken at the same time?

Posted 19 Mar 2013 by DeDe2 3 answers

In the morning, I have to take Levothyroxine as soon as I get up per Endocrinologist.Then 30 minutes later, I have been taking Nexium/Sucralfate. The GE dr. did not specify timing and it's difficult to get an answer.Then later, I eat breakfast and take Etodolac. This takes a lot of morning ...

Is it safe to take Sucralfate after meals ?

Posted 25 Aug 2014 by BlackBeard77 3 answers

I have GERD, bile reflux and esophagus ucler. My doctor gave me Sucraflate tablet 1 g. He told me to take 1 g 2 times after meals with water. Is this a correct way to take Sucralfate because I read that I should take it before meals and not after meals. What is the efficient way for taking ...

Sucralfate - What can you eat while taking Carafate?

Posted 10 Jun 2018 by Busybody18 1 answer

Stomach has been upset since begin taking this three days ago. Experiencing headaches, backaches, acid reflux and sinus problems. Is this common?

Does sucralfate come in a liquid?

Posted 1 Jun 2013 by PennieD1961 2 answers

My 78-year-old mother has to take sucralfate but has difficulty swallowing the pills. Does it come in a liquid form?

Can I take Carafate (sucralfate) long term ?

Posted 6 Feb 2014 by itsme12 1 answer

can i take Carafate (sucralfate) long term ?is it safe?

How soon can I take sucralfate before I eat?

Posted 15 Apr 2010 by Gerdy 3 answers

I'm taking sucralfate (as tablet dissolved in small amt of water) before meals and at bedtime for esophageal ulcer, not stomach ulcer. I have GERD. Do I still need to take it 1hr before meals? Or can I take it immediately before eating?

Sucralfate - What if my husband eats before an hour after taking the medicine?

Posted 10 May 2011 by ladynfaith 3 answers

What will happen to my husband if he eats before the hour is up after taking sucralfate.My husband is a stroke survivor and he is insisting he eats before the hour. He has issues of not understanding things and getting upset.

Sulfur - Does Sucralfate IGM Tablets have sulfer or sulfer compounds of any kind in it?

Posted 3 Sep 2011 by daughter1 1 answer

My mother is allergic to sulfer and anything with sulfer compounds in it, she has been prescribed Sucralfate tablets four times a day and is now experiencing asthma like breathing conditions, She also has Asthma, she also takes coumadin, synthroid, percocet, dulera,lisinpril, it seems she is being ...

Carafate - can I use Sucralfate with nexium?

Posted 5 Dec 2009 by percyk 1 answer

what are the problems with taking nexium with Sucralfate. I take 40mg 2x day Priscilla

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