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Subutex Questions

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Can you take Subutex with opioids in your system?

Subutex vs Suboxone: What's the difference between them?

How long does Subutex stay in your system?

What are the different brands of buprenorphine?

What are the different brands of buprenorphine? What are the different dosage forms? What are they used for?

What happens if you swallow Subutex?

Why was Subutex discontinued?

How long do you keep Subutex under your tongue?

Does Subutex make you sleepy?

Is Subutex addictive?

Anybody get RLS coming off subutex or suboxone? Any suggestions?

How long does it last? I have been off sub for almost 10 days, and am finding that it's very restless at night, but feels like jelly during the day. Seems so imbalances. When will this go away?

Warning about Suboxone, Subutex, and Stadol?

I've been on rather high levels of opiate pain medication for years. All are now prescribed by a legitimate Neurologist/Pain specialist, although in the past I've had a doctor with questionable morals, motives, and knowledge. Anyhow, I've always done my best to be very informed about... read more

Suboxone and excercise?

Does it help to excercise while still taking 1 mg. of suboxone per day? Will it make it easier to come off of or is excercise just helpful when you are off the suboxone completely and help with the depression? (I walk fast for 30 minutes on the treadmill but don't feel the natural high so... read more

Do you think I am back to square one with my Subutex/Suboxone detox?

I went 17 days cold turkey off of 2mg per day of Subutex this past October, 2010. On day 17 I could no longer take the nausea and anxiety, etc. so I took a 2 mg. Suboxone pill I had left over. I started taking it once in awhile but now for the past 2 months have been taking 1-2mg. per day. Do you... read more

Can you start taking Subutex with out having to wait until you are in withdrawal?

I am trying to stop taking oxys (480mgs a day for 2 years) and I was told that if I take Subutex instead of Suboxone that I can take it w/o having to wait the 48hrs or however long of taking no oxys and that it WON'T send me into withdrawal... so can anyone please help me? Is this true? I... read more

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