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Skin and Structure Infection Questions

Related terms: Complicated Skin and Skin Structure Infection, cSSSI

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How long does Cipro take to work?

Can mupirocin cream be used for bed sores?

What type of antibiotic is Baxdela?

What type of drug is Nuzyra (omadacycline)?

I need help. I have scabies and apparently a very resistent kind. I can not get rid of them.

I have done everything by the book. Permethrin 8 times. 4 rounds of ivermectin for 5 days each time. Neem. Tea tree. Clove. Kleen green etc. They are on my face and around my eyes. Really bad. Oh and I am a nurse by trade. A skin and wound care nurse ironically. If this doesn't get better soon... read more

What can I buy over the counter to substitute for mupirocin 2% oint?

Couldn't afford mupirocin need to no what I can buy over counter jus as good?

I am having continuous fungal skin infection in shape of soars particularly on my face and abdomen?

I consulted doctors who advised me to take different antibiotics like cephalexin (sporidex af375), lynx-500 and augmentin and also ayurvedic syrup safi, which proved effective for a time being but not permanent. Please suggest me something concrete

Is it ok to take two antibiotics for the same condition?

After operation for the treatment of necrotic wound with abscess on my right hip area, I was given an antibiotic, cefuroxime 500mg. After two days, I was given prescription for another antibiotic, clindamycin 300mg. Reason given was that the results of the bacteria culture was not yet completed.

Mupirocin ointment giving a tingling pain on a sebaceous cyst. Should we continue using it?

My husband has an inflamed sebaceous cyst and doctor prescribed mupirocin ointment to apply topically and an antibiotic to consume named cefixime. The mupirocin is giving him an extreme tingling pain and he was unable to sleep. Should we continue this medication or stop it?

Mupirocin Ointment?

My doctor prescribed this ointment for Impitego ... I had redness with lots of annoying itching around my mouth and cracked lips ( I thought I got too much sun, as I was just home after two weeks at the beach). I have been on it for 5 days now and still have lots of redness and some itching... how... read more

Can mupirocin be substituted for bacitracin for wound management?

Open wound treatment began with bacitracin ointment. Can mupirocin be used instead of bacitracin to continue treatment?

What can I get a the drugstore to subsitute for mupirocin?

What is the name of the over the counter medicine. mupirocin?

Can I take probiotics while taking Zyvox?

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