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Is it okay to take Amoxicillin 875 two hours early to get it on schedule?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 by pandaking13 3 answers

I was prescribed the antibiotic and took my first dose at 2 pm, I took my next one at midnight since my pharmacist said every 10-12 hours. I have been looking up dosage times online and I keep seeing 12 hours, so wanted to know if it has to be every 12 hours between doses.

What schedule drug is prozac?

Posted 25 Sep 2014 by M Fick 3 answers

Monistat 1- How long does it take to dissolve?

Posted 13 Jun 2016 by halpmeh 1 answer

I have a busy and unven schedule, and don't always have the luxury of laying and sleeping a full 8 hours. How long does it take to properly set and dissolve before I can begin getting up and moving around again without worrying about too much/all the product leaking out and therefore having ...

Can I insert my Nuvaring a couple days early in order to change my start day of next period?

Posted 19 Sep 2015 by Lizabethhh 1 answer

I've been on the ring for quiet some time now but I want to change the day in which my period starts. I'm thinking if I put in my new ring 3 days before my original schedule I will star my next cycle a few days earlier than my normal day.

How to taper down from 2mg of Klonopin to 1mg in one month?

Posted 20 Oct 2017 by Kflaudi 1 answer

I am 21 years old, 6'1", and 190 lbs and have been taking 1mg of Klonopin twice a day equalling 2mgs daily for about the past 10 months. Today I talked to my doctor about slowly tapering off and instead of perscribing me 1mg twice a day he prescribed .5mg 4 times a day as needed. I am ...

What does this mean: CSA Schedule:M - Multiple How can I find out what schedule the drug is?

Posted 17 Nov 2014 by tm35 1 answer

I have Acetaimin-Codeine #3 and need to find out what schedule drug it is.

Birth control pill and Zoloft?

Posted 16 Mar 2015 by nk94 1 answer

Can I take the combination birth control pill at the same time as my Zoloft pill every day without either affecting the other? Because of my schedule, I have to take my birth control in the morning, and I've been taking my Zoloft at night because I've been scared that I shouldn't ...

Benzodiazepine - What is suggested tapering off schedule for getting off Clonazapam?

Posted 14 May 2015 by EM55 4 answers

Benzodiazepine - I am new to this group. I have been on Clonazapam at bedtime for sleep for 8 years and Lorazapam prior to that for 1 year, and xanax for a couple? years prior to that. My current Clonazapam dosage is .75 mg at bedtime as needed, which is usually every other night or often every ...

Recently gabapentin has been made into a controlled substance.Does this mean its a scheduled drug?

Posted 25 Jul 2018 by ala1978 2 answers

I am curious which schedule it falls under?

How do I change from taking Prozac to Brintellix? Not satisfied with health care provider schedule?

Posted 8 May 2015 by ProudtobeAARP 2 answers

Presently take 60 mg. Prozac daily. Switching to 10 mg. Brintellix daily. How do I wean off Prozac and start Brintellix? Info health care provider gave does not sound "right" to me.

Why do some pharmacies say they can't refill your controlled substance schedule 4 until three days?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 by Annlb3 1 answer

Before time and u can't pay oi t of pocket to get early when at a different pharmacy you can pay out of pocket to get early and it even goes through insurance before the three days like the other pharmacy says it's to soon?

What schedule drug is trazodone classified as?

Posted 24 Aug 2018 by frazierr 2 answers

Vimpat - What do people that suffer from seizures do for a living?

Posted 1 Jan 2015 by leggoego 5 answers

I suffer from nocturnal seizures and take 50mg Vimpat 2x daily. I work a job that interferes with my dosing schedule, and I may have to find a new job.

What schedule is Contrave?

Posted 16 Sep 2014 by radbrad 1 answer

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