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Opiate Withdrawal - Hello all Day 6 and I am feeling a lot better then day 1,2,3 going cold turkey?

... sounded rough and let me tell u it is!Not trying to scare ANY1 because so far its the BEST decision i have made and i thank god my daughter and family for it AND don't think i forgot about YOU GUYS but HOW long till i stop pooping and throwing up EVERY MORNING or when i eat something and... read more

Roxicodone vs percocet 10/325?

My dr recently changed my script to roxicodone from percocet bc she felt the DEA would come down one her for writing too many percocet. First, why do I feel so different on the roxicodone? I have a sedative effect vs feeling a bit more energetic on the percocet. And second, does anyone know what... read more

What is the difference between roxy and oxy?

Which is stronger, dilauda 8mg or roxy 30 mg?

Will I be addicted after 3 weeks use of opiates?

i have been taking about 120mg a day of roxie 30mg... its been three weeks. will i go through bad W/d's?

Oxycodone brand and generic difference?

I was wandering what the difference between oxycodone and roxycodone was and how its different from oxycontin. My RX says roxycodone/ generic for Oxycodone.

What is a roxy?

What is the difference in oxycodone and roxicodone?

Spinal Fusion - In July of 2016, I had a four level fusion from L2 to S1..Fast forward to April of?

... 2017, I am no longer in pain in my legs, but my back pain has increased 4x from where it was. I am currently only on 4 10mg. of roxicodone, but my pain management doctor wants to start to wean me off that. Is there another drug I should ask him about?

Roxicodone - Marked difference between generic oxy IR?

Have had to take 15 mg daily for severe pain ”CRPS” several years. I have noticed a marked difference between roxicodone and generic oxycodone.Has anyone had a similar experience?

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