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What is the difference between roxy and oxy?

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Inactive 23 Aug 2010

Oxycodone is found in fast-acting opiates such as Percocet(which also contains tylenol), Roxicodone, and is also in Oxycontin. The only difference between oxycodone and Oxycontin is, Oxycontin is time-released. It distributes its oxycodone slowly over a period of 12 hours, as long as the pill is not cut up or smashed. The 'contin' in 'Oxycontin' stands for continuous.

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A69 25 Aug 2010

Thanks maso4169, appreciate it.

Erica42 14 Aug 2016

Are Roxycodons and Oxycodone in the same family? Are they the same?

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dhenline 27 Feb 2017


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Nicole4798 20 Aug 2017

Roxycodone and Oxycodone are very much the same. "Roxycodone" is only a brand name used to seperate/categorize (fast- release) from (time-release). Same goes for "Percocet" which is another brand name for Oxycodone that contains acetaminophen.

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bobsy 18 Apr 2021

Oxycodone is the generic name for all meds containing Oxycodone. Roxicodone is a brand name for Oxycodone:HCl

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