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What is a roxy?


astrokittycat 26 Aug 2010

Roxy is a street name (like oxy, which on the street is usually oxycontin, not oxycodone).
It could be roxicodone, roxicet, roxilox, roxiprin (all combos of either aspirin or acetominophen with oxycodone, kinda like percocet, but all of varying strengths, dosages, etc, some MUCH stronger than others, some considered long-acting and therefore time released pills which should always be taken whole, not cut or chewed up). It could also be roxanol (which is a morphine as opposed to oxycodone, and again, all the same warnings - varying strengths, dosages, some time-released and some not, etc).
Depending on exactly what it is, and what strenth, could be pretty seriuos (i.e. dangerous) stuff. Sorry I can't be more specific. If you can't get more info but can see one of the pills, there are various pill identifiers including one on this site that you can use to determine exactly what it is.

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booter46 28 Aug 2010

thank you astrokittycat i just heard people using the term i dont have any or plan on taking any

astrokittycat 30 Aug 2010

anytime I can help ;)

Inactive 26 Aug 2010

Roxy (plural "roxies"), slang for the drug Roxicodone, an instant release form of oxycodone

Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic medication synthesized from opium-derived thebaine.OxyContin is Purdue Pharma's brand for time-release single-ingredient oxycodone oral medication.

Take care.-

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booter46 28 Aug 2010


Inactive 28 Aug 2010

You are welcome booter! free discount card

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