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Rosacea Questions

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How long does it take for Soolantra to start working?

Can Soolantra be used for acne?

Can you use Soolantra and metronidazole together?

Can Soolantra cream and metronidazole cream or gel be used together?

Does Soolantra Cream help with redness?

How often should I use Soolantra?

Doxycycline - Has anyone else felt anxiety and feeling withdrawn and irritated from this drug?

I’ve been on Doxycycline for over 3 months now and I have seen a massive improovement in my face but I have suffered from anxiety and I feel often depressed and irritated. Wondering if anybody else has felt the same? Many thanks.

Can hydroxyzine hcl be used as a sleep aid?

My doctor said that this is used to treat itching and anxiety. My rosacea got out of hand, caused me terrible itching. My doctor prescribed hydroxyzine hcl to combat the itching so that I can sleep. Is this a good sleep aid, for instance, when you start a new antidepressant that can cause insomnia,... read more

Cephalexin - Is it normal to take Keflex for rosacea? My doctor had me on it once a day for a year?

Is there side effects for taking Keflex for that long of a period?

Why is erythromycin so expensive? It is the only thing that works for my rosacea and my?

... prescription company will no longer allow me to get it through them. Is there a generic?

Can I take prednisone if I am taking doxycycline?

Does Soolantra make redness worse?

I just started Soolantra again after 3 years off for now palpulpasture rosecea. I’m completely depressed with how broken out I am, due to a steroid. On doxycycline as well. But only 6 days in and feel such horrible flushing when I apply it and get so flushed so much faster. Anyone have the... read more

Soolantra burning will it improve?

I have been diagnosed with rosacea. I mainly get burning pain in my skin and slight redness. Have just tried soolantra last night and woke up to burning which usually doesn’t happen unless I go out in sunlight. I was hoping soolantra would help with my burning sensation. Will it get better?... read more

Can bactroban treat rosacea?

Can a turmeric supplement cause flushing of the face being that I have rosacea?

I have rosacea which causes stinging and burning of the face with certain foods and drinks. I have face flushing also which can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. Thank you.

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