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Cymbalta and wellbutrin combination?

Posted 13 Mar 2014 by Seano97 5 answers

Hi All, I have been on Cymbalta 120 mg for 2 year. I have had very good results. Recently, due to stressful family situations, I have had a relapse in my depression. My New Psych has decided to lower my cymbalta to 90mg and add 150 XL Wellbutrin. I started this Monday. The first 2 days were fine, ...

Been taking Sertraline for one and a half years. Was doing great started taking 50 instead of 75.?

Posted 5 Sep 2016 by Greg2000a 2 answers

... Kinda had a relapse. Now I'm up to 100. I seem to be doing worse each time my Dr. Increases my dose. Any one else experience this? Maybe more is not always better?

Wellbutrin with Zoloft?

Posted 30 Oct 2013 by khunlob 5 answers

Hi all, have been on Zoloft 50mg for about 4 months for depression and anxiety - was doing ok (I know, it's a small dose) yet three weeks ago I had a major relapse, including goodbye libido. Pdoc has now added 150mg of Wellbutrin to the mix; he feels this is better than upping the Zoloft and ...

Has anyone been really avoiding relapses while pregnant on Imuran?

Posted 10 Jul 2016 by chanamiller 0 answers

What criteria should a SLE lupus patient meet in order to take Benlysta? I was told that it's not for every kind of Lupus. Is that correct?

Invega - How much does it cost?

Posted 20 Dec 2015 by Greener pasteur 1 answer

My sister got bipolar and she forget to take her tablet and now she's on relapse. I am helping her to finance her medications.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Relapse and getting worse?

Posted 10 Sep 2015 by Taylorsgirl14 1 answer

My husband, 56 years old, was diagnosed with PMR in May, 2015. His condition is being "managed" by both his Rheumatologist and GP. He had the most relief when he was taking 30-40mg of prednisone daily. He has been placed on methyltrexate 8mg, weekly, apx 12 weeks ago and has been tapered ...

Taking nardil with florinef?

Posted 6 Dec 2015 by AngelK518 0 answers

For some reason Nardil has been the only effective anitdpressant for me. I started taking it at age 21. It saved my life. I stopped taking it for awhile and had a major relapse 3 years later. When I tried the Nardil again I would black out. My blood pressure seems to run low all the time. Usually ...

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - I took Cymbalta a year and a half ago for GAD. I have now felt fine?

Posted 30 Oct 2015 by bogeycat 2 answers

... for over a year, but I am still taking Cymbalta. At this point will Cymbalta help prevent a relapse, or can I safely stop taking it?

Depressive Psychosis - What is the best medication for anxiety and depression with no relapses?

Posted 3 Apr 2015 by Tytan 4 answers

I have depression and anxiety and I am wondering what medication herbal, or prescribed is the best treatment for it

Risperdal - What doses are ppl using of this drug?

Posted 4 Apr 2015 by Dale t 1 answer

Do u increase dose with relapse or just worsening symptoms

Emsam - - Off EnSam patch,12mg(good result) W/O suffering depressive relapse?

Posted 6 Apr 2015 by Carrw 1 answer

..If. not does the EMSAM patch, 12mg maintain it effectiveness as long as it is taken?

I had 3 days of 1000 mg Solu-medrol in December '14. Had severe migraine 3 wks later that triggered?

Posted 11 Jan 2015 by tb61 1 answer

... a more severe relapse. This time was 5 days 1000 mg Solumedrol IV. Now besides feeling horrible everyday, I'm having hard time opening my jaw since close to the end of 2nd treatment. What could this be?

After the 3 months have there been any relapses?

Posted 18 Mar 2015 by buford3927 1 answer

After 2 1/2 weeks of treatment, I went to undetectable from 10,300,000. Sometimes a dull headache lasting less than a minute, some flatulence, but nothing else, no insomnia. Have had Hep C for at least 40 yrs if not longer. On blood pressure medication, BP is now avg 107/72, wt 158, 5'6". ...

I'm 45, been on risp 15yrs: schizoaffective= enlarged breasts,diabetes imminent. Help, please?

Posted 30 Dec 2014 by JButterfly 2 answers

Besides weight gain and enlarged breasts, I'm now in real danger of developing diabetes according to recent blood tests. Discontinuation of the medicine causes relapse of psychotic symptoms. What can I do? Are there any medications w/o these side-effects available for someone with my ...

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