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Relapse Questions

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Cymbalta and wellbutrin combination?

Hi All, I have been on Cymbalta 120 mg for 2 year. I have had very good results. Recently, due to stressful family situations, I have had a relapse in my depression. My New Psych has decided to lower my cymbalta to 90mg and add 150 XL Wellbutrin. I started this Monday. The first 2 days were fine,... read more

Klonopin 0.5 mg take as needed for anxiety?

so I've been on Klonopin 0.5 mg for a while since December when I had my breakdown from anxiety so my question is it possible to relapse from anxiety from Klonopin and my second question is I have still having anxiety but I'm more calm about it though and if you want tell me more. Thanks

Wellbutrin with Zoloft?

Hi all, have been on Zoloft 50mg for about 4 months for depression and anxiety - was doing ok (I know, it's a small dose) yet three weeks ago I had a major relapse, including goodbye libido. Pdoc has now added 150mg of Wellbutrin to the mix; he feels this is better than upping the Zoloft and... read more

Pregabalin - Is lyrica safe for recovering alcoholics to take?

I suffer from GAD and am currently on Cymbalta, but it doesn't seem to be working. My Dr. Put me on Busbar, and it does help but not enough. I am in recovery and do not want to relapse so I get scared of changing meds. I heard this one has addictive features. I have a lot of anxiety and need... read more

Tapering down on Lexapro and relapse in symptoms?

I was on 20mg Lexapro for GAD that was so bad, I could not eat or function. I have been on the meds and feeling amazing for about 7 years. I decided on trying to taper down... slowly... and did 10 MG for about 3-4 months, then went down to 5MG. After 2 weeks of being down to 5MG, I had a massive... read more

Has anyone had a bad experience with the Pfizer brand of Nardil?

Has anyone had a bad experience with the generic brand of Nardil from Pfizer? After using this medication, I was unaware they changed the formula. This resulted in a serious relapse. I am wondering have others had a similar experience? I would greatly appreciate any comments.

Increase Zoloft dose or switch to different SSRI?

I’m 34 years old and I’ve been on Zoloft 100mg for 10 years for GAD and PD. Started in 2011, stopped for 6 months in 2012 and started again because of a relapse. It worked mostly fine until 2019 where i started having some bouts of fatigue, sadness (not as bad as depression) and having... read more

Wellbutrin side effects? Are these normal?

I am a 41-year-old male currently experiencing a major relapse in OCD and Depression. Because it was such a long wait to see a psychiatrist, my family doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin for the depression (feeling hopeless, and suicidal ideations). Today is two weeks since I started and I would like... read more

Best non-benzo medication for severe anxiety disorder?

My daughter has had drug issues in the past and she suffers from severe anxiety disorder. I do not want to put her on benzo meds as Iam told it will make her relapse, so I need to find a strong alternative. Please help me, I hate to watch her suffer.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Relapse and getting worse?

My husband, 56 years old, was diagnosed with PMR in May, 2015. His condition is being "managed" by both his Rheumatologist and GP. He had the most relief when he was taking 30-40mg of prednisone daily. He has been placed on methyltrexate 8mg, weekly, apx 12 weeks ago and has been tapered... read more

Restarting lithium after 12 days without it?

I stopped taking Lithium ER 300mg abruptly because I was not able to get my medication. I take it for depression. I haven’t had it for 12 days. I feel like I may be beginning a relapse. Will restarting it prevent a full relapse, or do I have to wait weeks until it starts to work?

Will I relapse if I miss a dose?

My refill prescription of 50mg sertraline wont be ready until Monday afternoon and I only have Sunday mornings dose left.

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