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Raynaud's Syndrome Questions

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Why is Prazosin not being used more often for anxiety and PTSD?

Posted 19 Aug 2010 by kiva49 8 answers

Please please explain the physiological basis for how, after 40 plus years of trying every concievable anti-anxiety med there is that this simple BP lowering med (which I understand isn't even a first line option) has immediately and almost completely eliminated my startle responses, ...

Depression - Does Prednisone effect your sex drive?

Posted 19 Jun 2014 by SummerShine 1 answer

Or is it just from the depression side effect... I know my doctor warned me about the depression that may start after I had to increase my dosage to 20mg a day. She did not however warn me about any other side effects and I think I am losing my sex drive, either as a direct side effect or it is ...

Nifedical XL 30mg vs. Nifedipine ER Osmotic 90?

Posted 23 Nov 2015 by jwcoop 1 answer

I originally was prescribed Nifedical XL 30mg it seemed to work. When I picked up my prescription renewal I failed to notice the different name (Nifedipine ER) but when i began taking it a few days later i noticed the size, shape, and possibly dosage difference. What i was given was/is Nifedipine ...

Hi, does anyone with Fibromyalgia also have Raynaud's disease?

Posted 12 Jun 2012 5 answers

Beside the intense pain, my purple toes don't look good in platform sandals! Any info/advice about Raynaud's would be appreciated. Thank you!!

How do apply nitro-bid to my fingers for raynaud?

Posted 11 May 2012 by bobshockley 2 answers

the tech sheet has an application that would work on a flat surface... can i just rub it on the effected fingers

What will the effects of taking too much Norvasc be, should have taken 10mg daily but took 20mg?

Posted 15 Jun 2011 by denisealpe 1 answer

I just found out that I was only to take 10 mg of Norvasc but misunderstanding I have been taking 20mg. Total body break down as of last night. Called Doctor and Drug Store, what could be my side affects after being over dosed for about 10 days? Denise Alpe

After suffering a severe migraine for a week, I noticed that the pain lessened after taking?

Posted 22 Feb 2011 by tllupton 3 answers

... lisinopril each time. My blood pressure at worst was only 130/92 but I also take it for Raynaud's. Has anyone else experienced this? For now I'm taking 20 mg prednisone for 5 days which is helping reduce migraine pain but adding a dose of 10 mg lisinopril knocks out the remainder of ...

I recently take nifedipine for Raynaud's. Do you need an adjustment period before headaches stop?

Posted 24 Jan 2011 by tanning girl 3 answers

I'm suppose to take 10 ml. three times a day but working my way up due to head feeling full and a slight headache..Is this normal at first? I've only been on this 7 days. Seems like it starts about a hour after i take first dose.

Can Niacin be used for the treatment of Raynaud's Disorder?

Posted 2 Aug 2011 by Wildre 2 answers

Raynaud's Disease is a common condition causing the small arteries to contract- mostly in the hands or feet, causing them to turn blue. Afterwards often flushing and red. No known treatment. Someone recommended Niacin. I am sceptical.

Raynaud's Syndrome - Is there anyone here who has Raynaud's of the nipple?

Posted 23 Aug 2016 by MeggieGirl 2 answers

I have had very painful breasts in cold weather for decades, to the point where I would hit my breasts (what a strange thing to do, I know... in retrospect, we hit our thighs when they fall asleep, so it makes sense). All I knew was that there would be a deep pain in the nipple area, and the nipple ...

Why shouldn't you use Sumatriptan if you have Raynaud's syndrome?

Posted 2 Jun 2010 by catch037 1 answer

I have been using Imitrex and/or Sumatriptan for migraine relief for probably 3-4 years and I have Raynaud's Syndrome. The Sumatriptan works really well for my migraine headaches. Generally, the medicine starts to work after a half-hour, completely clearing up the migraine eventually. However, ...

I am taking Nifedipine ER (XL) tabs for Raynaud's. My RX is for 30MG but I find that 1/2 tablet?

Posted 14 Jul 2010 by kanaster 3 answers

works well for me. I've seen that breaking the tablets are not recommended, but I now am paying 1/2 price for my dose by taking only 1/2. Is that a serious problem?

Overnight weight gain?

Posted 9 Oct 2010 by Delila 2 answers

Is it possible to gain 7lb in one day? I ate quite a lot yesterday but in no way enough to warrant this!! This is freaking me out! My weight usually fluctuates by a pound or 2 daily but this is mad. There must be another reason, any ideas anyone??

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