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Raynaud's Syndrome Questions

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Why is Prazosin not being used more often for anxiety and PTSD?

Posted 19 Aug 2010 by kiva49 8 answers

Please please explain the physiological basis for how, after 40 plus years of trying every concievable anti-anxiety med there is that this simple BP lowering med (which I understand isn't even a first line option) has immediately and almost completely eliminated my startle responses, ...

Depression - Does Prednisone effect your sex drive?

Posted 19 Jun 2014 by SummerShine 1 answer

Or is it just from the depression side effect... I know my doctor warned me about the depression that may start after I had to increase my dosage to 20mg a day. She did not however warn me about any other side effects and I think I am losing my sex drive, either as a direct side effect or it is ...

Nifedical XL 30mg vs. Nifedipine ER Osmotic 90?

Posted 23 Nov 2015 by jwcoop 1 answer

I originally was prescribed Nifedical XL 30mg it seemed to work. When I picked up my prescription renewal I failed to notice the different name (Nifedipine ER) but when i began taking it a few days later i noticed the size, shape, and possibly dosage difference. What i was given was/is Nifedipine ...

Is there any other help out there beside nifedipine for Raynaud's ?

Posted 29 Jan 2018 by Revtz 0 answers

I suffer from acute Raynaud's, in that I suffer it 24/7 even if in the warm my feet especially can turn into ''blocks of ice'' and I have painful stiffness of the hands and feet and a painful tingling rotating from one to the other all the time - if i get cold it is much ...

Adalat - Would taking coffee or a pre-workout drink counter the drowsiness and tiredness effect?

Posted 23 Nov 2017 by mporc007 0 answers

I have been dealing with Raynaud's for some time now. I play pro basketball and not having feeling in my hands makes it pretty hard for me to perform at my highest level. I have taken Adalat and it takes away the cold numbing feeling in my hands, but it makes me drowsy and as you can ...

Raynaud's Syndrome - Is there anyone here who has Raynaud's of the nipple?

Posted 23 Aug 2016 by MeggieGirl 2 answers

I have had very painful breasts in cold weather for decades, to the point where I would hit my breasts (what a strange thing to do, I know... in retrospect, we hit our thighs when they fall asleep, so it makes sense). All I knew was that there would be a deep pain in the nipple area, and the nipple ...

Raynaud's Syndrome - I have just gotten over a cold. How do I sanitize the gloves I've worn?

Posted 21 Jan 2016 by xxyy 0 answers

I don't want to throw away the gloves that work for me. I've paid big bucks for them.

Side effects/allergic reaction to Nifedical XL?

Posted 25 Oct 2015 by nickjess 0 answers

I take Nifedical XL for Raynaud's for a few years now. When I started taking the med I thought it was a miracle! It didn't take away ALL the coldness on my extremities, but it did a really good job of decreasing it. I should say I only take the med in the winter months. It's very ...

Raynaud's Syndrome - Are there any men who have secondary Raynaud's?

Posted 22 May 2015 by Kmc123 1 answer

I'm 53 and have had Raynaud's for a and I have scleroderma in my throat too. Have been put out of work by my doctor. My fingers turn white but more often they turn almost black. I have an appointment with the rheumatologist about the scleroderma in my throat. Was in the er last ...

How do apply nitro-bid to my fingers for raynaud?

Posted 11 May 2012 by bobshockley 2 answers

the tech sheet has an application that would work on a flat surface... can i just rub it on the effected fingers

Raynaud's Syndrome - Hep getting Medicaid to pay for child dosing of nifedipine for 9 year old with?

Posted 22 Nov 2014 by lonestarjenn 1 answer

... it so bad he wakes the whole house up screaming. Help for those nights. I think he gets too hot, sweats then gets cold-pins and needles! Any ideas?

Trouble determining source of pain?

Posted 20 Jul 2014 by Zonnad 2 answers

I have peripheral neuropathy, PAD and scleroderma with Raynaud's of fingers and toes for 30+ yrs. previous finger lesions, now 3 toes of L foot developed gangrene. Nifedipine had been sufficient for Raynauds. Now added sildenafil, plavix, trental, hydroxychlorquine all to increase blood flow. ...

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