I have been using Imitrex and/or Sumatriptan for migraine relief for probably 3-4 years and I have Raynaud's Syndrome. The Sumatriptan works really well for my migraine headaches. Generally, the medicine starts to work after a half-hour, completely clearing up the migraine eventually. However, I do have side effects from the medicine, such as warm/hot water feels like it is burning my skin for a few hours after taking the medicine. Tonight I am having a very weird sensation that feels like muscle loss in my left arm. I was sore from yoga and biking yesterday, so not sure if that plus the medicine is making my arm feel so weird. I guess I am trying to find out if the cost of taking Sumatriptan with Raynaud's Syndrome outweigh the benefits of getting rid of the migraine headaches. Is there another medicine that can do the same thing to get rid of migraines, but is safer for instance if you have Raynaud's Syndrome?