I have had very painful breasts in cold weather for decades, to the point where I would hit my breasts (what a strange thing to do, I know... in retrospect, we hit our thighs when they fall asleep, so it makes sense). All I knew was that there would be a deep pain in the nipple area, and the nipple would turn white in color. It is only in the last few years that I self-diagnosed after dating someone with Raynaud's affecting his hands and feet, and realized that Raynaud's of the nipples could actually be a "thing," and have since confirmed my diagnosis with a Doctor.

So, I looked online, and there is NO HELP for this condition that I can find. I ordered these fantastic inserts for a bra that work like a charm - they are made of a material that reflect body heat, so they're great for someone with Raynaud's, or mastitis, etc. I have found that my intolerable cold is 58 degrees, so every day when I get into the car, I check the temperature - and if it says 58 degrees or lower, I put the inserts in, and I stay pain-free. Otherwise, I pay for it big time. These inserts, though, had to be ordered from Sweden! I'm in the U.S. Is this really such an unusual phenomenon?

What do you guys do to help with this problem? Thanks in advance for your help! :0)