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Am allergic to penicillin.Prescribed Cefdinir and Prednisone. Horribly itchy rash(arms, stmch, bck?

Posted 10 Jan 2014 by carol777 1 answer

I am allergic to Penicillin. I was prescribed Cefdinir. I took it for 5 days with Prednisone. I stopped all medicine because I was going in for allergy testing. After the allergy testing I resumed the Cefdinir. Five days later I started to get a horribly itchy rash(arms, stomach, back, legs). ...

How long does it take prednisone to leave your body from the cellular level. Metallic etc.

Posted 3 days ago by Aerialyoga2 0 answers

I've been off the prednisone since the end of May and was only on it for 5 days, 20mg, 2x per day and 40mg in urgent care along with breathing treatment. My B/P finally went down however I'm still exp. metallic taste, decrease in appetite, fatigue and dizziness. It's strange because ...

Prednisone proscribed in large daily dosages?

Posted 4 days ago by starchelle48 0 answers

My 50 yr old aunt who is mentally emotionally disabled was recently diagnosed with hemolytic anemia. After her 2nd time of being hospitalized her Dr has now perscribed her to take 18 prednisone pills per day 50mgs each. She is taking 9 in the morning and 9 in the evening is this safe? It worries me ...

How do I take my first day of prednisone?

Posted 25 Mar 2017 by Daisho97 1 answer

My doctor prescribed me prednisone for 6 days. 4mg dose pack. He said the instructions would say to start it in the morning but he wants mw to start it tonight instead. Is it ok to take all 6 day 1 pills at one time or should I wait till tomorrow and space it out like the instructions say to do?

I was prescribed prednisone for an unknown rash or allergic reaction?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by Cmmw85 1 answer

I'm prescribed 10mg per pill. A cycle of 12 days total. 6 total pill each day for three days. Then 4 total pills each day for three days. Then 2 pills each day for 3 days. And finally 1 pill for 3 days. I'm now into the middle of day 4. I haven't had any of the common or crazy ...

Has anyone experienced syncope, accompanied by effusive sweating on Otezla? I am coming up on my 6th

Posted 13 days ago by Soraeme 0 answers

... month of taking Otezla with daily low dose prednisone, and while my skin is nearly clear, the joint pain improved to a point, and then no further. Wondering if the side effects are worth it, if this is as good as it gets

What is the half life of prednisone?

Posted 15 days ago by groundhog 1861 0 answers

i was diagnosed with addisons disease, and prescribed prednisone10mg. someone told me that it is hard to wean off because of its "half life"? anyone know what that means? thanks

After a flare up due to crohns disease in Jan 2017, I have been on Azathioprine for about 3-4?

Posted 3 Sep 2017 by dancamell 1 answer

... months, recently weaned off the prednisone about 1 month ago. Since then I have been having a lot of hot flashes and chills quite bad at night, my hair is falling out a lot in the last 2 weeks and I have some joint pain. My doctor has told me it is my choice as to whether I stop taking the ...

If I started my prednisone 12 hrs ago, is it OK to take 3 more now?

Posted 15 days ago by Theresab67 0 answers

I took 3 when I first got them but need to be taking them at night so need to switch the time so do I take 3 now or wait 24 more hrs and take 3 then?

Herniated Disc - I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a bulging disc in my lower back. This then?

Posted 13 Aug 2017 by Janeywom 1 answer

... coincided with me starting prednisone for my arthritis long term and haven't had issues since. 3/4 weeks ago I started down dosing as I'm not keen on being on them long term. Day 3 and backs gone again. I have pain in both legs, lower back and a numbness in my bottom and my bowels are ...

Prednisone - Can you drink a beer when taking methylprednisolone tablets 4 mg?

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by 07 black suv 0 answers

Coors light beer (1) only had a taste for it

I started taking prednisone on 8/9 - 60 mg X 3 days, 40 X 3 days... eventually to 1/2 tab (20 mg)?

Posted 13 Aug 2017 by frustrated69 2 answers

... for 4 days. I'm going into my 5th day of being on these and my moods are very unstable to the point that I feel I need to stop these immediately. I'm assuming from what I've read that I will still have side effects even though I've only been on them for a short time. I was ...

When will 10-30mg of prednisone effect your bones?

Posted 10 Aug 2017 by MichelleTaylor 2 answers

I am 26 years old and have been on a 10-30mg dosage of prednisone consistently for 7 years. I have Erythema Nodosum and it works great at getting rid of that for the time, but after reading up lots on side effects people are experiencing with their bones, and hair loss, its making me nervous. How ...

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