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Am allergic to penicillin.Prescribed Cefdinir and Prednisone. Horribly itchy rash(arms, stmch, bck?

Posted 10 Jan 2014 by carol777 1 answer

I am allergic to Penicillin. I was prescribed Cefdinir. I took it for 5 days with Prednisone. I stopped all medicine because I was going in for allergy testing. After the allergy testing I resumed the Cefdinir. Five days later I started to get a horribly itchy rash(arms, stomach, back, legs). ...

Went to ER for panic attack and bronchititis. Recvd breathing treatment and prscribed prednisone ?

Posted 5 days ago by Kitapet 0 answers

50 mg (1 tab for 5 days) seems like a very large dose.? Didn't start med yet. Feeling better after treatment in ER. Should i take the prednisone? I m 59 yo. Normally healthy. Also given inhaler for asthma? As needed?

Can I take Aleve with my medicines, methocarbamol 750 and prednisone 10 mg when my head hurts?

Posted 12 days ago by Helengarlington 1 answer

Thanks. That's all I want to know at this time.

I took azithromycin and prednisone at 9am. Is it okay if I have a drink or two later tonight?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by precautiousgirl 0 answers

It was a 250mg tablet of azithromycin and a 10mg tablet of prednisone. I took both with food and I wanted to know if it was okay if I consumed some alcohol later tonight? This is the only time I will be consuming alcohol while I am on the medications. Thank you!

My friend has a tumor in the 11th vertebrate. Any idea why only 1 foot is swollen?

Posted 7 days ago by TSeverson 0 answers

Right foot. He has no fever, no pain in the foot or leg, no redness. The swelling started after he was prescribed Zytiga and Prednisone. He had only 6 doses, not in succession. He has been off of the prescriptions for about 2 weeks. He also has not eaten for 4 days and minimal fluid intake.

Does prednisone bloating come back?

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by MaxandLucy9315 1 answer

I was on 60 mg of prednisone for 2 days gradually lowering for 2 weeks. I didn't necessarily gain a bunch of weight maybe 5 lbs at the most..but I was so bloated I looked 50 lbs heavier. I looked pregnant even after just waking up. Now I've been off it for almost 3 months the bloating ...

One dose 60mg prednisone, will I have side effects and when?

Posted 7 Oct 2017 by Efink 0 answers

Hi, So I had an emergency oral dose of prednisone (60mg) for an allergic reaction about 14 hours ago. I am totally fine now, but am concerned about possible comedown side effects. All I've seen online is side effect possibilities after an extended usage-- will one dose cause significant side ...

Will taking prednisone 25mg for 2 weeks cause permenant weight gain/change my metabolism?

Posted 27 Apr 2014 by sooty1984 2 answers

I had a sever allergic reaction am wondering if prednisone will cause weight gain using for 2weeks or is it just water retention??

Prednisone - Can you drink a beer when taking methylprednisolone tablets 4 mg?

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by 07 black suv 0 answers

Coors light beer (1) only had a taste for it

Allergic Reactions - I was stung by something flying ,an insect. I think I saw something about the?

Posted 23 Sep 2017 by auxano76 0 answers

... length of the pointing finger. ER said yellow jacket. ER prescribed prednisone 60 mg once daily for 5 days. Benadryl 50 every 4 hours. Does this make you shake.? The shaking is in left arm where bitten 7 times. Would this be too much Prednisone ? Does it make you weak.

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