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After taking plan B and having my period I started bleeding again a week later. Is this miscarriage?

Posted 8 Aug 2012 by katblack500 7 answers

I took plan B on July 23rd (about 72 hours late), got my period the next weekend around July 28th and had a light period for a few days (it seemed sorter than usual). Then just recently started bleeding again around August 4th. At first it was just kind of spotty, until last night when it got much ...

Slight spotting after 5 days of taking plan b?

Posted 29 Oct 2014 by Kathrynjeanne 3 answers

so I had sex for the first time last week, he used a condom but it broke but he still pulled out before finishing. I was still kind of freaking out so I bought plan b the next day. Then the next day we got alittle heated and went at it again. This time condom didn't break. Now it's been 5 ...

When was Plan B supposed to cause my cervical mucus to thicken?

Posted 13 Sep 2013 5 answers

Hi, I had sex with my boyfriend 4 days ago, on Tuesday when the condom broke. After skipping a few pills, I had restarted my birth control on the Sunday after my period, which was the Sunday just before that Tuesday. My period had finished around Friday. After the sex, I kind of freaked out and ...

Took Plan B, But threw up an hour later. Do you think it still worked? I've been having cramps?

Posted 18 Jul 2014 by Ash1414 2 answers

I had sex the day of my period and took the plan b pill about 40 hours later. I threw the pill up about an hour after taking it. Wondering if anyone else has done this and still not gotten pregnant. I have been having slight cramps and lower back pain.

Plan B One-Step - Will Plan B ONE STEL work for me if I take it 30-40 minutes after?

Posted 11 Aug 2013 3 answers

I'm young and i know I shouldn't be having sex but this was my second time. He was protected but the condom broke while it was full of cum. It was in there broken for about 5 minutes. When we realized I quickly got in shower and washed my privates. Btw I was high during this time. My last ...

14 days bleeding after taking morning after pills (plan B). What can it be?

Posted 15 Apr 2016 by Ntisa 2 answers

Hey guys! I had sex on 27th of March without condoms and I don't take pills, so on 29th I took a Plan B and after three days (1st of April) i started bleeding. First it was brown discharge, then it turned into a normal heavy bleeding as my period and after this till today (14th of April) ...

I took plan b one step and had my period five days later. is this normal??

Posted 26 Feb 2016 by bbypeachh 3 answers

my last period ended February 18. I had sex and the condom broke on the 20. I took plan b one step about three hours later. I didn't have any symptoms. then, on the 25 i had a brownish reddish discharge and then started my period but my next period wasn't supposed to be for three weeks. ...

Condom broke. I took Plan B and had my period 2 weeks after my last one. can I still be pregnant?

Posted 10 May 2017 by KatieMZ 2 answers

I had sex 7 days after the first day of my last period and the condom broke. I took Plan B the next day. And 6 days after I took the pill, I had my period. It didn't come with typical period symptoms like tender breasts and cramps. I know the hormone in Plan B can mess with hormone levels. ...

Can you take Plan B and start a new birth control in the same day?

Posted 21 May 2017 by Mdrd1023 1 answer

I wanted to start a new Birth control pill when my period began. My period started today, and yesterday I had sex and my boyfriend pulled out but I'm still a little paranoid. I'm wondering if I should take Plan B anyway (considering I got my period today, less than 24 hours after the sex ...

Do I need to take Plan B when I have Nexplanon implant but was on antibiotics?

Posted 12 Apr 2017 by Worried1990 0 answers

I had the implant for 3 years then replaced 6 months ago. I was on 2 different antibiotics for 2 weeks. 4 days after I stopped I had sex and the condom broke. Should I get the Plan B pill or am I OK? I don't know if antibiotics effect the implant.

Does 2 day bleeding restart period cycle?

Posted 16 Apr 2017 by Wilder1978 1 answer

Took a Plan B march 27 bleed for 4 days (April 1st) took another one 2nd and bleed on the 7th for two days took one on the 15th because of a broken condom not sure if she was ovulation My girlfriend had took a plan b April 2nd bleed on April 7th till the 9th does that mean her cycle restarted ? And ...

How much does Plan B delay your period?

Posted 28 Mar 2017 by YoungBoy 1 answer

I had sex the day after my period ended, I took Plan B 48 hours later, I'm supposed to be getting my period this week but haven't got it yet. How much does Plan B delay a period?

I took the Plan B. How long will it protect me?

Posted 20 Mar 2017 by Traciej9287 1 answer

I had sex about 1pm I went to town and got a Plan B around 4 the same day! Took it and then that night I had sex again around 12pm, what are my chances of getting pregnant, and if so witch time the first time I had sex or the second?

Period or Plan B One-Step Bleeding?

Posted 23 Feb 2017 by JD2020 2 answers

Now I know you should get your period a week or two late after taking Plan B (assuming it didn't come early), but my circumstances are a little different. So I took the pill within 24 hours of a mishap, then 5 days later I got really light spotting, then a heavy flow for 3 days, then light ...

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