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After taking plan B and having my period I started bleeding again a week later. Is this miscarriage?

I took plan B on July 23rd (about 72 hours late), got my period the next weekend around July 28th and had a light period for a few days (it seemed sorter than usual). Then just recently started bleeding again around August 4th. At first it was just kind of spotty, until last night when it got much... read more

14 days bleeding after taking morning after pills (plan B). What can it be?

Hey guys! I had sex on 27th of March without condoms and I don't take pills, so on 29th I took a Plan B and after three days (1st of April) i started bleeding. First it was brown discharge, then it turned into a normal heavy bleeding as my period and after this till today (14th of April)... read more

Does it matter how many times you've had unprotected sex before taking Plan B?

My bf and I had unprotected sex (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) I took the Plan B on Tuesday 2hrs after the last act. Does it matter that we had unprotected sex that many times before taking the Pill? N yes I kno I'm getting on BC I'm well aware that it was bad judgment on us both.... read more

Plan B One-Step - Will Plan B One-Step Work For Me If I Take It 30-40 Minutes After The Incident?

This was only my second time. He was protected but the condom broke while it was full. When we realized I quickly got in the shower and washed my privates. My last period was July 28th and we had sex Aug 7th so this was my 11th day and ovulation should occur like a day or two after. I have a... read more

When was Plan B supposed to cause my cervical mucus to thicken?

Hi, I had sex with my boyfriend 4 days ago, on Tuesday when the condom broke. After skipping a few pills, I had restarted my birth control on the Sunday after my period, which was the Sunday just before that Tuesday. My period had finished around Friday. After the sex, I kind of freaked out and... read more

Took Plan B, But threw up an hour later. Do you think it still worked? I've been having cramps?

I had sex the day of my period and took the plan b pill about 40 hours later. I threw the pill up about an hour after taking it. Wondering if anyone else has done this and still not gotten pregnant. I have been having slight cramps and lower back pain.

Pregnancy symptoms after taking Plan B?

I had sex with my boyfriend Jan 20th we used condoms, my boyfriend told me that I had nothing to worry about but I was still feeling scared afterwards, So I purchased the Plan b pill right the next day (Jan 21st), so I did take it within 24 hours. Three days later I noticed that my breasts were... read more

Is Plan B Under a Different Name in Mexico?

I live in mexico and my fiance and I had a condom break on us. I need to find this for her. Under what name would I look for it here in Mexico. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Probability of pregnancy after taking plan b one step?

My boyfriend and I had sex twice on the 4th of October. I took the plan b one step pill in about 13 hours from when we had sex. According to my menstrual cycle app, that is the second day of when I am suppose to be fertile and predicts that I will ovulate on the 6th. What's my chances of... read more

Is this the side effects of Plan B or early pregnancy symptoms? Please Help!!?

Ever since I lost my virginity to my boyfriend last month, I have become sexually active and since then my period comes every month but not regularly. My cycle ranges from 28-32 days every month. Sometimes it comes a week after my expected period. Recently though, I had started my period on June 6,... read more

Two months after taking plan b no period! Is that normal??

i had protected sex on February 27, 2015, however something felt different. i felt more wet than usual sl i though maybe some of his sperm leaked out. so to be on the safe side i decided to take plan b the next day, February 28, 2015. about a eight days later, March 9, 3015 i began to spot. it... read more

I took Plan B and I'm not sure if it worked?

Hello, I'm really hoping that someone can ease my mind.I had unprotected sex on July 17th, which was a few days before my ovulation and although he didn't finish in me I was concerned about pre-cum. I took a Plan B pill 12 hours later and I was free of symptoms for a week. Then we... read more

Plan B One-Step - I threw up about 30 minutes after taking plan b will it still work?

Ok so i had sex without a condom & i took plan b the next day AFTER i had sex again without a condom now both times he said that he didnt know if he came or not maybe just a little but im not sure but after a half hour a threw it up is it still gonna work?

How do I stop Plan B from working?

I took the Plan B pill last night for safety then my husband said why I did that because he wants a child. Is there a way to stop this pill from working before it's to late?

Light bleeding and cramping 7 days after taking Plan B. Is this normal?

I had sex using the withdrawal method on the 17th of October (which was 2 days after my periods got over), and had Plan B, 4 hours later. My cycle is pretty irregular. I take Omeprazole 20 mg since the last 2 months. 7 days after taking Plan B, I am experiencing moderate cramps, light bleeding, and... read more

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