I had sex with my boyfriend Jan 20th we used condoms, my boyfriend told me that I had nothing to worry about but I was still feeling scared afterwards, So I purchased the Plan b pill right the next day (Jan 21st), so I did take it within 24 hours. Three days later I noticed that my breasts were fuller and my veins were more visible than usual(pregnancy symptom), the only time my breasts feel fuller and havier is during my cycle but since I never track my cycle I dont know if that was something normal. On the 25th I noticed a clear, stretchy discharge ( egg white discharge) like the one i get when im ovulating. On the 26th I went to the bathroom in the morning and when I wiped there was blood (i panicked), it was light at first but then it got havier and darker it lasted 5 days ( thats how long my periods are). Today is Feb 2nd and I feel that my breasts still feel havier, I squeezed my right boob and there was this clear discharge I dont know if its because of plan b or because Im pregnant? Ive been having pain on my upper back and I also think that my areola got larger, so im panicking. Can plan B give me all this side effects? Im very concerned because when I was 17 I got pregnant and it was a very bad experience, having to tell my parents was very difficult. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage when I was about 3 months, after all this I suffered from depression and Anxiety, my depression did get better but my anxiety didnt. Im 21 and becoming pregnant its one of my biggest fears, I decided to have sex because I thought I left my "pregnancy fears" behind but i realized that i didnt. So, is it normal to feel all this symptoms after taking plan B? Cand my own mind make me see/feel pregnancy symptoms?