My girlfriend has taken the birth control pill perfectly for a month and a half. We had sex on January 1st with no condom and me ejaculating in her. We decided to get plan b as well right afterwards. We had sex way more times throughout the week everytime ending with me ejaculating inside. She never stopped taking her normal pills after taking the plan b pill. She didn't spot or anything from the plan b pill. She had breast tenderness at first but now it's gone. She had cramps three days after taking the pill but only for a few hours and some white discharge that whole day. She has become fatigued in the past couple of days to where she falls asleep in the middle of texting conversations. She's had some mild nausea. She has also has a heightened sense of smell that doesn't seem to go away. Should I worry about her being pregnant or is it just symptoms of putting all those combined hormones of birth control pills with a plan b pill?