Ever since I lost my virginity to my boyfriend last month, I have become sexually active and since then my period comes every month but not regularly. My cycle ranges from 28-32 days every month. Sometimes it comes a week after my expected period. Recently though, I had started my period on June 6, 2018 (Wednesday), and it ended on the 10th (Sunday). My period only lasted for 4 days. It was no big deal for me because as long as my period came, I'm okay. However, 3 days after my period ended, my boyfriend and I had sex and at first he didn't have condom on and he came, it was our first time having sex without a condom, but he said that he didn't came in me. He pulled out in time. I was still scared though, and we had a second round, this time he put on a condom, and I was on top, so when he came, I got off of him and he said that condom slipped off. At first I was really confused, but I noticed that the condom was inside of me. I don't think that his sperm went inside me or anything because the open part of the condom was facing down. I still freaked out, I took it out and ran to the bathroom to wipe myself off just in case any sperm got in me. Him and I had had a talk and he said that if I want, I could take the Plan B pill just in case. The next day (Thursday), within 24 hours, I took the pill and for a few days, I wasn't experiencing the side effects such as nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, bleeding, bloating, etc. I was expecting it to happen, but it didn't so I was wondering if the pill worked or not since I felt like I'm the only one who didn't really experience any side effects based on my research on the Internet.
However, this last few days I was experiencing bloating, mild cramps on my left and right side and abdominal pain, and I felt like I have to go use the bathroom often (I do not know if I have diarrhea or not... please don't judge me ):). Exactly this Thursday, when I went to go use the bathroom again. I saw spots of blood on my underwear and I freaked out and I texted my friends who had experienced this and they told me that it is because Plan B is a big dosage of hormones that can alter my body or menstrual cycle. It's been 3 days (Saturday) and I'm still bleeding but not as much as the one's on Thursday. But, I have noticed that I have gone #2 for 3 times today. And after I eat, I get this abdominal cramps that's mild, but sometimes I can feel a sharp pain, but goes away after a few minutes, and kind of comes back. Please help me?! I do not know what this is?? Is this implantation bleeding??? Pregnancy signs??? Or just Plan B working in my body? I know it can't be implantation because it usually takes days after fertilization for that to occur and I had sex like last week June 13th (so that can't be possible... it's too early). Am I getting my period twice this month or??? Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you!