Hello, I'm really hoping that someone can ease my mind.I had unprotected sex on July 17th, which was a few days before my ovulation and although he didn't finish in me I was concerned about pre-cum. I took a Plan B pill 12 hours later and I was free of symptoms for a week. Then we stupidly had sex again twice on July 26th, a few hours apart, and he didn't finish in me both times but now I'm really concerned about precum, even though he peed many times in between. On July 27th I started very light red bleeding which lasted till the 30th and I don't know if that was my period because it was very light but it looked like normal blood. And now I'm having symptoms of a UTI, burning sensation while peeing,the need to pee right after using the bathroom, abdominal discomfort. I feel really bloated and my stomach feels tight but I don't know if that's a symptom of Plan B. Please let me know your thoughts.