i had protected sex on February 27, 2015, however something felt different. i felt more wet than usual sl i though maybe some of his sperm leaked out. so to be on the safe side i decided to take plan b the next day, February 28, 2015. about a eight days later, March 9, 3015 i began to spot. it started out lighg then went to moderare then back to light. i did some reseach and found out it was break through bleeding from the pill. so i relaxed. after i missed my march period, i began to worry. i decided to go to the doctor after serveal negative hpts just to make sure. it came out negative as well. i have yet to get my april period and im wondering it is normal to miss two periods from plan b? i have never taken birth control and since plan b has homorones that are found in BC pills at a higher dose, could that be whats throwing off my periods? i normally have irregular periods. last year i only had eight. since im already irregular did the pill mess me up more? how many periods can you miss because of plan b?

if this happened to you please let me know.

last period start date: 2/14/15
todays date: 4/25/15