I had sex with my boyfriend 4 days ago, on Tuesday when the condom broke. After skipping a few pills, I had restarted my birth control on the Sunday after my period, which was the Sunday just before that Tuesday. My period had finished around Friday.

After the sex, I kind of freaked out and downed 4 leftover birth control pills that I had not taken several weeks ago when I was supposed to. No more than 15 minutes after that, I purchased Plan-B one step from a pharmacy very close by and took it as soon as I got back. I estimate that I took the Plan B no more than 30 minutes after the unprotected sex.

Over the past few days since then, I have felt almost nothing. Well, my skin has been feeling strangely bumpy, which I think may be an allergic reaction, but I don't know to what. Earlier today I had a very short headache, and last night my stomach felt a little wierd, but other than that I have been fine (I realize it may take a week or several weeks for me to feel worse). The only changes I noticed were changes in my cervical fluid. The first time I checked my cervical mucus, which I believe was the next day, it was watery with some white clumps in it. I thought that they were clumps of sperm or something. The next day, Thursday, I checked twice. The first time I checked the cervical fluid looked kind of like semen. The last time I checked yesterday, it looked like white and creamy. It seems to still look that way today, judging by looking at toilet paper. I read that this is a hostile environment to sperm.

I have spent the whole day today doing research. I found out that side effects of plan B can mimic pregnancy. I read that plan B thickens the cervical mucus and pregnancy MAY thicken the cervical mucus. I wanted to know when the cervical mucus was supposed to thicken on Plan B. I only found one source that gave me an answer, and it said that the CM thickens about 9 hours after taking plan B. That made me nervous because it seems like my CM thickened after a number of days. I don't know if that's about how long it takes for cervical mucus to thicken during pregnancy. Is this a sign of pregnancy?